Sunday, January 16, 2011

My new flight jacket from Eastman Leather

On Tuesday my new flight jacket from Eastman Leather arrived. It´s a replica of the USAAF B-3 flight jackets that the pilots had in WWII, it´s based on an original from 1943 to be exact.

 USAAF pilots (source:

It´s a characteristic of those jackets that they have a rugged, some kinda broken grain optics of the leather. With all the industrial help you have nowadays it´s still hard to reproduce this kinda structure, so they went back to the traditional ways of making it, due to this the leather for this jacket is hand dyed. The sheepskin which is used comes from North America.

Unfortunately the temperatures are very mild here at the moment, so I cannot wear it, cuz the it keeps you really warm... too warm right now.

In the end I wanna say "Thank you" to the guy at Eastman Leather - Rob Brace - who cared for my requirements and answered all my questions very quick. Thanks Rob... it´s not natural nowadays to get a good customer service... 

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