Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vintage beer from Chimay

A while back I took the chance to get three bottles of vintage Chimay... last Friday I opened the bottle from 2005... I paired it after the first glass with a Partagas Pyramides EL 2000.

I don't wanna make a big cigar or beer review.... but I have to write some words down about this amazing beer... it's nearly 6 years old now...  a fact which would be deadly to many other European beers.

The color of the beer is dark and copper-red with a tendency to brown. Remindin a bit of an old Port... and that's an impression that you get when you drink it.... Decent bitterness in a amazing interaction with a creamy sweetness of an old vintage Port.... The carbonization is very low in respect of the storage time, the foam is very fine and like cream... but falling down and vanishing away quickly.

It's been bottled @ an ABV of 9.0 %... no clue if it's more now... but you even don't feel the 9.0 %... it's so smooth and silky... I can´t get enough of it.

The combination with the cigar is another good choice... the earthy notes of the cigar get in a interesting interaction with the sweetness... it's like both are on steroids now... I still have a whole box left of this cigar... if I wanna repeat this experience I just need 25 more bottles of this Chimay from '05....

Now... the last glass outta this bottle... takin all the yeast from the bottom. The color is no longer copper... it's a dark brown, somber, not clear anymore... and an intensive taste of malt.... WOW!!!

I never thought that I would ever make such an experience with beer.... guys, you should give it a try...