Tuesday, April 19, 2011

04/08 - 04/16 - Relaxin in the Sunshine State, Part I

We planned that trip a while back but due to the fact that we wanted to meet with some guys there we kept it secret because it should be a surprise...

So we left Zurich on Friday and after a stop in Philly we arrived at Orlando airport around 6 pm. Still sunny and warm outside... time to take the Flip-flops outta the suitcase...

The first days of our stay we're at the La Quinta Inn... a cheap hotel close to the airport which we saw only for a few hours every night for sleeping.

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La Quinta Inn

On the first two days we did a lot of shopping... we needed clothes... haha... we took nearly nothin with us... everybody who's been there before knows why... prices are much lower than here in Europe...

Havin a coffee at Starbucks

Orlando Premium Outlet

We also had dinner at several places... one was Bubbalou's BBQ where we'd some fantastic Pulled Pork... the Killer sauce wasn't too bad, but not really hot... the Ribeye Steak at the Longhorn Steakhouse was good also...

We'd some good Pulled Pork there....

Not bad, but definitely NO Killer!

Bubbalou's Delivery Service

Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse

In the evening there was always time for beer and a cigar. STOP! Beer? Ok... it's water with some beer-flavor. I'm sorry guys but all this Miller, Bud and What-ever Lite stuff is no real beer... but ice-cold it was ok to help me to cool down when the temperatures were still in the middle 80s around 10 pm. Later during my stay I would make another experience with some other American beer, but that'll be another story.

Drinkable if ice-cold