Tuesday, April 26, 2011

04/12 - Gatorland Orlando, FL

You'll find a lot of Alligators in all the water which is in the area of Orlando... but if you wanna see them all in one place you´ve to go to Gatorland, which was established in the year 1949.

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Welcome to Gatorland

Alligator island is in the northern part of the park in the so called „Gator Lake“. It's the home of some of the biggest reptiles of the park and it's a good place to see them from a short distance while they're lying in the sun.

This looks like a plastic one, but it´s real!

As in all those other parks they also offer a few shows with the alligators, one of those is the wrestling show where one of the guys shows several things with one of the alligators. It looks all very easy and they make fun all the time but be assured that this guy is at high level of concentration all the time.

Wrestling with an alligator

The guy won.

Showing the teeth.

Some show for the audience

Puttin the alligator asleep.

Another show is the so called Jumparoo Show where the guys "motivate" the Gators to jump outta the water with some chicken drumsticks... also shown in a funny way but here they have to be concentraded... one little mistake can cost you the hand or arm...

Welcome to the Jumparoo show

Come outta the water you lazy bones.

Who get´s the meat?

"Jumping" for chicken drumsticks

Some more chicken?

In 1991 a breeding area was created which is of a size of 4 ha marshland, 130 alligators live there... 100 female and 30 male. This alligators are takin care of the next generation... there are some wooden bridges and a observation platform which allow you to take a view over this lake and the the surrounding marshland.

Resting alligator

It´s feeding time.

Gimme the meat.

That´s the way I like it.

This park also has 4 white alligators... and those are no real albinos, cuz they don't have red but blue eyes. These eyes are really magic.. the color is fascinating. It's said that you'll have luck and success until the end of your life if you'll look once into their eyes... ok... we did so, hopefully this legend is true

They are located in a separated part of the park, they're in-house because they cannot be in the sun and need the shadow...

The white alligators

The white alligators

The white alligators