Sunday, May 15, 2011

05/14 - Whiskylover's paradise

Whiskyfair 2011 in Limburg,Germany. Saturday, 5 am in Switzerland. Time to get up and get ready to start...

I met with Marcel and Tom at 6.30 am in Kreuzlingen to make our trip to Limburg where a big whisky fair'll take place. I fired up a Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas from the 2003 special humidor... a perfect cigar to start this day...

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Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas

On our way we picked up Ralf and Michael and around 11 am we arrived at Limburg and parked the car. And as every time when I was there before we took a wrong way to the place of the event... the old part of the city and the location of the parking garage is a bit tricky.

In the streets of Limburg

Along the railway

So we made a lil walk and took a way which was a bit longer than planned... the old lady who helped us to find the right way was definetly funny.... "You have to walk there and there.... eh... where do you wanna go?" Finally we arrived at the Josef-Kohlmeier-Halle where a long queue was waiting to get in...

A very long queue

It took us about 45 minutes of waitin, but then we dived in into the universe of Whisky... I've been here the last time in 2007 and remember that there'd been a lot of visitors but this year it was really packed with people... and very warm inside. But the first thing I realized was the incredible smell of Whisky which was in the air... Oh well... I really missed it but I'm back in the circus.

It's always awesome to see all those vendors which are spread all over Germany (and also some which come from other countries) concentrated in one place... thousands of bottles of Whisky... it's heaven... Tom was totally overstimulated by this impressing range that's offered there.

Bottles over bottles

The Whiskykanzler is serving some Whisky to a customer

Some old and rare stuff

The hall is crowded

Torfrakete / peat rocket... Tom confirmed it

Lots of people

Wow... impressing!

The SMWS range... no bottles available here. Order for members only.

Have a break, have a cigar.

A nice Glenfarclas rack

Wanna try?

Red, green and pink colored. All natural. The green is caused by seaweed...

Whisky around the corner

Some German stuff

Japanese stuff
Nice presentation part I

Nice presentation part II

Again some old stuff

Ralf and myself took the chance to take part at one of the tastings which've been offered over the day. Unfortunately we couldn't make it to the first that we planned for today but luckily we got two tickets for the last one - the Whisky Agency tasting.

We got the Whiskys as some kinda blind tasting, the participants should guess where it comes from and which distillery it is.

First in the row was a 15 yo Laphroaig... intensive notes of smoked ham, smoky and peat of course... I guessed it's an Caol Ila... I was not too far away...

The second was a 25 yo Highland Park... I made the right guess... it reminded me of the 1973 Highland Park from Mackillops Choice which I had in my glass about half an hour ago...

No. 3 was a Glen Elgin, 35 yo, never had it before, first one for me from this distillery. Not too bad to drink but nothing I would by a bottle of.

The last one... a Glengoyne 38 yo... untypical for this distillery but a high quality bottling which was really tasty...

Good tasting organized by the Whisky Agency....

In the tasting room

Beside those Whiskys during this organized tasting I tried a lot of other stuff.... here are some of those:
  • Caol Ila 1984 from the Whiskyfair
  • Bowmore 16 yo. from SMWS
  • Ardbeg from SMWS
  • 1973 Highland Park from Mackillops Choice
  • different Glen Scotia from the 70s, 80s and 90s
  • Laphroaig from the Whisky Agency 20+ yo.
  • Port Charlotte Rum Finish from the Friends of Malt
  • Laphroaig 20+ yo. Silver Seal
  • Hazelburn Sauternes Wood 8 yo.
  • and a few more I don't remember right now.
    More bottles

    Black Forrest Rothaus Whisky from Germany

    70s stuff

    Rare Glenglassaugh

    1976 Bowmore from Waldhouse am See, rare and expensive

    Some more nice rarities

    Around 6.30 pm we walked back to the parking garage to drive back home.

    Thx guys for makin this tour, it was a fantastic day. Thx also to Ralf for the Monsdale and the dram of the Glen Scotia on the way home...

    We smoked a lot of cigars while we'd been on the road... this was a day full of good stuff...