Monday, May 30, 2011

05/28 - Bird's eye view

A few days back I decided to make a trip to one of the mountains in our region, the "Hoher Kasten", 1795 m / 5889 ft. I arrived in Bruelisau to park the car around 9.15 am and was welcomed at the lower terminus of the cable car. But no cable car for me uphill, I wanted to walk.

The band's playin

The first part was still flat in the valley, I still had some time to take some pix along the way.

Cable car to the summit

A lil creek

The first part uphill was definetly really steep, slope around 20 %!! So this helped to heat up the body at the outside temperatures around 10 to 12 °C / 50 to 54 F. My thighs seem to explode... oh wow....

It's really steep

Approaching the Plattenbödli

After 1.15 h I reached the first subgoal, the Gasthaus Plattenbödli at a level of 1284 m / 4213 ft, but I continued my walk without stoppin there.

Lil tavern where you can make a break

The next subgoal was the Sämtisersee, but hey?!? Where's the lake? Nothin there but a little wet spot... not much snow and no rain within the last weeks made it to dry out.

Sämtisersee - all dried out

Cattle on the alp

The way led along the "lake" and it's goin up again.... getting steeper and steeper again.

Lookin back to the dry lake

Last weekend the cattle has been brought to the alps and I met a bunch of guys in the traditional garb doing their work in the little cottage...

Some guys in the typical garb

From time to time the clouds break open and I had a wonderful view to the valleys, but unfortunately this happened not very often.

View down to the valley

Appenzeller Land

Very cloudy today

After nearly 3 hours (2.45 h to be precise) I reached the so called saddle, a place where many paragliders start their flight, but not today.... Another 15 minutes to reach the summit... ok, let's go.

The hardest part is done

Still some snow left

The summit is near

I reached the summit of the Kasten after a march of 3 hours, grabbed a Rivella and a wheat beer and took a seat outside to smoke a summit cigar. Due to the clouds the temperatures're low... around 5 °C / 41 F, but I'd the right clothes with me....

A hard but definetly nice day.... to be repeated.

Summit beer and cigar - Montecristo Petit Edmundo

It's not a trick, it's a Monte...