Wednesday, June 01, 2011

05/29 - Another one bites the (saw)dust

The Haymaker's Festival of the Cantone St. Gallen takes place every year, it's the 97th in 2011, and it took place in our little village. The means that we left our house at 7.30 am and walked to the sport ground which has been prepared during the last week for this event.

More than 200 athlets there... it should be an interesting day.

There were two big favorites for this tournament, but in the end a third one was the lucky but elder winner.

No more words from my side now, the pix'll tell you their own story to get an impression of what we saw...

Flags (left to right): Cantone St. Gallen, Switzerland, Balgach

Favorite No. 1: Matthias Sempach, ended up on the 3rd place

Favorite No. 2: Nöldi Forrer

Bösch and Forrer in the sawdust

The winner Daniel Bösch after defeating the favorite Nöldi Forrer