Tuesday, June 07, 2011

06/02 - Father´s Day Pharmacy Smoke

Ascension Day's also Father's Day here in Germany... A good possibility to escape all those drunken guys is the smoke with Andreas, cuz his emergency service´s on this day... and luckily this day is off for us, Friday's a bridge day.... this means: a long weekend....

I like it to come to the pharmacy... everytime I am there I'm happy to meet friends that I not see very often, but it's always a pleasure to see them and you feel like you just met the day before.

I arrived Thursday in the early afternoon and met with Christoph and Gabriel at a local ice-cream parlor where we spent a view hours until the smoke at the pharmacy started.

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Café au lait and a '99 RyJ Exh. No. 4, H&F Selection

After havin a very pleasant afternoon I checked it at Café Fritz - luckily Ilse wasn't there at this moment, so everything went smooth and without any further explanations...

Outta the door of the Fritz, over the street and walkin into the pharmacy where I was welcomed warmhearted by Andreas.... my favorite pharmacist.

Everything's ready for the guests

The weather was nice so we took our seats outside in the yard... cold beer and other beverages were served... Michael brought a box of SLR Churchills with him for us all to take one to smoke. The box was from 2001, a 50 ct cabinett, the first box he bought. The cigar was really good, thx again for that.

I smoked some good stuff, ended up in the old laboratory with Andreas at 3.30 am in the morning when I finished my RyJ Coronas from the late 60s... a definetly outstanding smoke... tons of intensive flavors... amazing if you think of the fact that this cigar was more than 40 years old.

Some ashtrays

Two fathers - Martin (right), Oliver (middle)

Afri Cola... bringin back some memories

Dog sticks in a cab of 100.... yummy

Long ash contest?

Nice bunch of guys

Heiko the busdriver

In the backyard

In the laboratory

After a short night I got up at 8 am on Friday morning to take a shower and to meet with Michael for breakfast in the patio of the Café Fritz... Christoph joined us an hour later and we spent some more nice and relaxed hours. I left Woerrstadt around 1.30 pm... another good time in the village with good friends... I´ll be back....

Patio of Café Fritz

Trinidad Iznaga in the morning

Some wine...