Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some more Belgian beer...

A while ago I tried some more Belgian beers which I picked up in a local supermarket here in Switzerland...

Leffe Vieille Cuvée

Very intensive malty aromas, sweetness and some hints of bitterness in the end. It's characterized by a mild but pronounced taste of raisins, some kinda spices and decent taste of grapes. It's very creamy and smooth in the mouth.

In the aftertaste you get some notes of toffee and caramell... definitely a dessert beer but in this case the beer itself is the dessert.

Bottled with an alcohol level of 8.2 %.

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Chimay Tripel

Blond, a bit somber... and bitter-sweet....

This beer has an interesting smell of marzipan and tropical fruits... and you also get it when you take the first sip... but there's also some bitterness in the background... yeasty... but also some kinda orange-like... hard to describe.

Creamy in the mouth it gives you the impression that you can chew it in the mouth...

For the Chimays that I know the "Best before" date is 5 years after the bottling date... which would mean for this that it's been bottled in 2007...

Grimbergen Tripel

Hops, yeast and some decent fruityness... that's the smell of this beer which has an ABV of 9 %. The foam is very creamy, the taste recent with some bitter notes and fruityness in a nice interaction. A good beer but in the end it's just a good Pilsner with a very pleasant creamyness.

Leffe 9°

9.0 % alcohol...another heavyweight... Smell of almond and nuts. First sip is really malty, full bodied, some caramel and suprisingly the alcohol is not in the foreground. Decent bitterness in the end and very creamy... a good beer which'll go well with a cigar.

Hoegaarden Witbier

Yellow and somber, citrus aroma in the foreground, decent taste of wheat malt. A light and refreshing beer... bottled @ 4.9 %.


Slightly somber in the glass... very stable foam... decent fruityness in the beginning, very creamy, later mouthdrying and some bitterness of a Pilsner. Not too bad, but I'd better ones before...

Pecheresse - a sticky fruit juice

I bought this bottle by mistake, I know that no excuse, but believe me, it was a punishment to drink it! Nothin in common with any beer I had before. It's sweet, sticky and more like a peach juice. This one is a lambic, where they put fruits (in this case peaches) together with the beer into oak casks for the maturation... Let's say: a once in a lifetime experience...

Satan Gold - a devilish beverage

Ok, let's try the drink of Satan... slightly somber, nice yellow-golden in the glass. Malty in the nose, hints of marzipan. Mild and sweet at the palate, hop, apricot and some spices (coriander?). You don't feel the alcohol which is at 8 % in this case...

Westmalle Tripel - blond beer reloaded

Yellow gold color, a little bit somber... pleasant fruity smell of apricots and peach. The first sip brings an intensive taste of malt and yeast, very well balanced... decent fruity notes of apricot, orange, exotical fruits and some spices. A very nice Tripel.... it's bottled with an alcohol level of 9.5%.