Sunday, July 03, 2011

06/29 - Pasta @ Casa B.

During our little party on Saturday Tanja and Steffi decided to go to the movies on Wednesday... I invited Tom and Roger to join me to spend a relaxed evening...

It's always a "discussion" between Tom and me when he'll ever get the chance to get some of the Spaghetti alio, olio e peperoncino... I made him mouthwaterin last summer when I made it... the door to the balcony was open and he got the smell of it into his nose when he came home from work... hahaha

Ok, yesterday we did it again... this time he was at the right place to get some of it... of course not enough, but better than only smellin it.

It's very humid after we'd some rain on that day and even though the temperature dropped it was still warm... ok, a cold beer should help to cool down a bit while cuttin the chilli peppers and the garlic.

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 Cold beer

The main ingredients: chilli peppers and garlic

Dinner is served

After dinner the ladies left and we opened some more bottles of beer... some really cold, some tepid... some Spanish red wine... a RyJ Churchill for me... talkin about this and that....

A relaxed summer evening... time flew fast... as always when you're in good company.