Tuesday, July 05, 2011

07/03 - Over the bridge

Before I start with the report of my trip I've to go back to the day before... we made another bacon explosion and enjoyed it for dinner with some friends... During the afternoon I enjoyed some beer and cigars... after dinner we played cards and ended up goin to bed close to 3 am in the morning.

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 Chimay Blond and a '99 Partagas Lonsdale

Duvel and a Ramon Allones Estupendos from '06

The bacon explosion on the grill

Due to this it was a bit hard to get up at 8 am again... but I'd my plans for that walk and I didn't want to change it. So I went to the baker's shop, grabbed the rolls we ordered the day before, packed my backpack at home and started by car to Thusis where I wanted to start.

I parked my car at the trainstation and started my tour which led my through the village and gave me a first impressions of the surrounding moutains.

View on the mountains

After leaving Thusis and Sils they way led to the woods... and upwards... a little bit hard due to the situation but the view that I got was worth it. I passed castle Ehrenfeld which is a youth hostel now... I guess it's a cool place to stay, especially for the kids.

View on Thusis, the place where I started

Fantastic sight

The area was populated also by the Romans and every now and then there are still old buildings which gave you proof of this. Not a Roman building but also a historical thing is the ruin of the Chapel St. Albin. It's located on private ground, so a closer inspection is not possible.

Chapel St. Albin

On the way I crossed a view mountain creeks... and also found a place with fresh spring water... very refreshing, especially while the temperature was rising...

One of the countless mountain creeks

Fresh spring water

After 1.5 hours of walkin up- and downhill I reached the famous Traversinersteg which is a wooden bridge crossing the Traversina valley. The first bridge was destroyed in 1999 by a rockfall, the new bridge, as it's now, was opened in 2005. I left a comment in the so called Bridgebook and started to walk down the steps of the bridge... WOW!!

Bridge book

Traversina-Steg - an impressing bridge crossing the Traversina valley

Traversina-Steg - an impressing bridge crossing the Traversina valley

The way continued back to the direction of Thusis along on an old street which was bult in the early 19th century. The part which blocked the road was a part of a mountain.... they dynamited a hole through... then they could use the road as an alternative to the way which were much harder to pass cuz they led over the mountains... This hole is called "Verlorenes Loch" which means "Lost Hole".

After app. 3.5 hours I arrived again at the trainstation... an awesome trip... there's much more to see in this area, so I'll come back.

Verlorenes Loch - the Lost Hole