Tuesday, July 12, 2011

07/08 - Let the smoke begin

Another year passed by and the weekend of our annual Swiss Herf's here... This year with a trip to the mountains in the Northeast of the country... planned for Saturday...

Due to the bad weather in the last two years we decided to make this Herf one month later than the other times... and again the weather forecast talked about thunderstorms and rain... all the years before it was perfect at this time...

I picked up Alina and Alex at Zurich airport around 10 am and we drove together to Kreuzlingen where we met Marcel, Paul and Manfred... there we got the first cigar from Urs, a Ramon Allones Gordito de Allones... the Canadian Regional Edition from 2010 which is also available from Intertabac... for whatever reason.

By the time more and more of our group arrived, so we moved to the lounge, to make some space for the other customers who came into the shop.

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Cheers guys....

Set fire to the cigar...

Sleepin or awake... who knows...

A quick lunch at the Chinese restaurant in Konstanz and the smokin continued.

Around 6 pm all people arrived and the lounge was filled with big clouds of smoke... thx to Ralf for the Upmann No. 1 from '99 (what a great cigar) that was generosly gifted by him and also thx to Urs who brought a box of Bolivar B-2, ER Canada 2010 (unfortunately a lil bit disappointin)... also thx for this really nice gesture which was appreciated by all of us.

We also split a box of Partagas Piramides EL 2000 (this cigar was really awesome) and a box of Por Larranaga Encantos, ER Asia Pacific 2010 (good cigar with a good potential).

I took only NC's with wrong bands with me??

I'm too sexy for all of you...

But we didn't only have cigars... Ralf brought a bottle of Saentis Malt... fittin well to the trip that's planned for Saturday... Gabriel brought a bottle of a spirit made with chocolate and brandy... I'd to drive, so no alcohol for me...

"Siegfried and Roy"

The guys smokin in the lounge


The three bald men

Firin up the B-2

What's up?!?

A lot of cigars were smoked during this first day.... a few of those can be found here....

Ramon Allones Gordito de Allones, ER Canada 2010

Cohiba Coronas Especiales from 1998

Por Larranaga Encantos, ER Asia Pacific 2010

Upmann No. 1 from 1999

Bolivar B-2, ER Canada 2010

To be continued.