Wednesday, July 13, 2011

07/09 - Smoky summit conference

After a very short night (I'd to go to our neighbor Roger on Friday evening when I came back from Kreuzlingen cuz it's his birthday and I told him before that I'll definitely come) I got outta the bed at 9 am and after the usual stuff I took the car to drive to the Schwaegalp where I'd meet the rest of the crew.

In the morning it's still a bit cloudy, but after livin here now for more then 3 years you get a feelin for the weather and you see if it'll clear up or not... and it looked like the clouds will crack open.

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Around 11 am, a lil bit later than orignally planned, all of us arrived... it gave me the time to smoke a Partagas Shorts while I waited with Tom for the rest of the group...


Everybody´s arrivin

Due to the fact that we're here for smokin and not for hikin we took the cable car which brought us from an altitude of 1,300 m / 4,266 ft up to the summit to 2,502 m / 8,209 ft.

At the summit there were still some clouds, but from time to time the sun came through.... a fact which should have an effect on the skin from some of us....

Weather station on the Saentis

Summit of the Saentis

Smokin on an altitude of 2,502 m / 8,209 ft

15 cigar smokers on the top of the mountain which is the highest in the region (Alpstein mountain chain) here in the Northeast of Switzerland. I'm not sure if another bunch of guys has done this before... maybe it's the first smokey summit conference...

Before we went up we'd an interesting discussion about the fact if our lighters (especially the torch lighters) will work without any issue... because we all knew Nino's story about the fact that his lighter didn't work on an altitude of 3,240 m / 10,630 ft... his report can be found here (German language only):

Group pic of the guys

Hey yo... regards to the Rappers in Frauenfeld

After enjoyin our time on the top platform we moved down to one of the terraces to take a seat and have something to drink and eat...

The sun came out again, we smoked, chatted and had a lot of fun... The sun was very intensive there, due to this some of us got sun-burnt... some more, some less... around 4 pm we left this fantastic place to take again the cable car to go back to our cars.

Beer and Rivella

Some kinda sun protection...

Plugged cigar? Or why is the face so RED???

A ride of app. 30 km brought us to the place where should spent the rest of the day... with some more cigars, good food and a lot of fun....

The place where we stayed is the Restaurant Sonne in Kriessern, well known in our region for the really good Cordon Bleu that they serve...

Another advantage is the fact that we could smoke outside and inside, depending on the weather.... for the most part of the evening it worked out fine to sit outside... only a few of us moved upstairs to the lounge later when there was a heavy rain and the umbrellas were not suitable enough to keep us all dry.

A lot of awesome cigars were smoked... one of those was the Quai d'Orsay Coronas which was gifted to all of us by Tom... underrated by many people but a really great smoke... decent price, a good value for the money.

Dinner at Restaurant Sonne in Kriessern


Do I really look like a racoon?

Damn, I´m tired...

Another partly overview of the cigars that have been smoked, this time Saturday's range....

Partagas Shorts, Cab, 2003

Quai d'Orsay Corona

El Rey del Mundo Piramide, Special humidor 120th Anniversary, 2004

Los Statos de Luxe Selectos, 70s

Upmann Sir Winston, 1997

To be continued.