Monday, July 18, 2011

07/16 - Party in Uncle Tom's Cabin

... ok... not in the house but on the deck... and it's a great evening.... thx for the invitation Tom! We really appreciate that...

But let's turn back the clock and show some pix of the preparations... and what has to prepared so many hours before you can serve it? Right.... PULLED PORK!!!

That's the meat that I prepared on Friday morning, 3.7 kg / 8.2 lbs... wrapped it with plastic wrap and put it back to the cooler to let it rest for another 24 hours.

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Meat rubbed with Magic Dust

Step two of the preparations: smokin a good cigar in the evening before you have to stand up so early... the time schedule says that I´ve to stand up around 4 am on Saturday morning to fire up the grill...  I looked through my humidor and found a cigar which is really suitable to start a weekend like this: a Montecristo No. 4 Reserva that has been gifted to me by Patrick... as a thank you for a lil favor a I did him about 1.5 years back...

Oustanding - Montecristo No. 4 Reserva

I woke on Saturday morning up without the need of my alarm, it´s a quarter to 4 am and I got outta my bed. Dark outside, all people sleepin... and a crazy man on his balcony fires up his grill. Back to bed at 4.07 am and sleepin another 2.5 hours...

Let´s start...

11 am: the smell is getting incredible... we just finished our late breakfast and Tom invited me for a good-morning-beer... weather´s perfect for tonites party... sunshine and warm...

Tom and his dog Bono

Waitin is a hard thing... so I try to shorten the waitin time a lil bit while the meat is gettin a really nice bark... I fired up a Ramon Allones 898 from 1999 and poured in a refreshin Westmalle Tripel... hrm.... I like to wait... a thrill of anticipation....

Westmalle Tripel and RA 898

Around 5.30 pm we started our lil party... with cold wheat beer, some Chimay Grand Reserve 2010 and cocktails...

Around 7 pm the meat was ready and I gave it another 40 minutes of rest until we served it... of course with homemade coleslaw, BBQ sauce and fresh rolls... All liked it, which made me and Tanja (she made the coleslaw) really happy... Later for dessert we´d some filled croissants which Steffi has made and chocolate muffins from Stefano... y´all see that we know how to enjoy...

One more hour and it´s done

Pullin the pork

Pullin the pork


Enjoyin it

Enjoyin it

Enjoyin it

Enjoyin it

It´s really worth to mention the preparations that Tom and Katrin did... they prepared a lil bar with the "menu of the day" written on it... cool idea.... Tom´s some experience with cocktail mixin and so he told us before that he´ll supply that stuff... and he really did a perfect job. Capirinha, Caipiroshka, Sex on the beach, Amaretto Sour... all were really perfect and very tasty... btw: I just saw Cuba Libre written on the walll of the bar, but it wasn´t served! Unbelievable.... hahaha

Unfortunately I felt a lil bit tired, I don´t know for what reason... but I still had a lot of fun even though I was less active than usual... no reason to worry about that, guys...

Again: thx for the invitation... a great evening with really good company, I´m sure it wasn´t the last time...

Some more pix of the evening... 

The bar... great idea!

Bartender at work

Good cocktails

Sex on the beach... or: Sex in the garden?

The porn sunglasses... LOL

It´s warm outside

Sisters in mind?

Sisters in mind?

Draft wheat beer

Roger wants some more of that PP