Saturday, July 30, 2011

07/29 - A wonderful day in Ascona

Exactly one year back we'd the same rainy and cold weather here like we've it now this week... Last year we decided to make a daytrip to Ticino, which is the cantone in the southern part of Switzerland. We made it again on Friday. Deja-vu!

So we took our way to the Lukmanier Pass, which is the one crossing the Alps on the lowest level at 1,915 m / 6,283 ft. Unfortunately is was completely in the clouds when we crossed the saddle... nothin to see of the lake or anything else... due to this: no pix... but I took some on the way down to the valley....

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Drivin down from the Lukmanier Pass

Drivin down from the LukmanierPass

At the place where we made our lil breakfast break the meadow was full of butterflies, so I couldn't resist to shoot some pix....

Butterfly in the morning sun

Butterfly in the morning sun

Butterfly in the morning sun

Our initial idea for the day was to drive first to the Maggia valley and then go to Ascona... but we changed our plans rapidly cuz the way was totally overcrowded with cars when we'd to take the way to Maggia... so we drove directly to Ascona.

After we parked the car we walked along the lakeside.... enjoying the sun and the warm weather... much better than this cold and rainy crap that we left behind us for one day.

The old part of Ascona

Tobacco shop in Ascona

Walkin through the narrow streets

Around midday we walked to the lil restaurant where we'd been for dinner when we'd been here back in May... we both're lookin forward to the awesome Lasagne that they serve there...

Best Lasagne in town

The rest of this beautiful day we spent with strollin through the lanes of Ascona, enjoying the sun at the lakeside... havin some drinks... smokin.... just relaxin.... I'm really happy that a paradise like this is so close to the place where we live.

View on the lake... the Lago Maggiore

Hotel Castello in the background - slept well there back in May

Relaxin and smokin

View over the lake

View over the lake

At the bar

Somewhere in the streets of Ascona

The church

Some artwork

Artwork in a private garden