Monday, August 15, 2011

08/13 - A beautiful summer´s day

On Saturday we made a trip to Konstanz to do some shoppin... we started early so we weren't afraid that it would be too overcrowded...

Before we crossed the border we made a quick stop at Portmann, cuz Urs and Marc stood in front of their shop when we passed... impossible not to stop. We just wanted to say "Hello" but then went in to have a morning coffee....

Then on to the parkin garage and let Tanja and Steffi do the shoppin.... I was just responsible for carrying the bags... hahaha....

The good part for me started around 1 pm when we arrived at the Seerhein, where we took a place on the terrace.... enjoyin the sun, havin some beer, food.... and... yes, you got it: cigars....

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Enjoyin the sun

Argentinian Entrecote

Perfect weather

I smoked some nice cigars... three at the Seerhein, the other three after a spontanuous grillin at home where we arrived around 8 pm...

Those cigars were in detail:
  • El Rey del Mundo Gran Corona from 1997
  • Diplomatic Cohiba Lancero
  • Che Robusto
  • Montecristo Especial from 1997
  • Montecristo No. 2 from 1996
  • Diplomaticos No. 2 from 1997

The first three accompanied by some cold and refreshing wheat beer, the other at home I´d with some good white wine, while playin cards and havin a lot of fun... until 3.30 am on Sunday morning...

El Rey del Mundo Gran Corona from 1997

Diplomatic Cohiba Lancero

Che Robusto

Montecristo Especial from 1997

This extended evening changed my plans for Sunday... originally I planned to do some hikin... but I didn´t wanna get up another time after 4 hours of sleep and a evening with some booze to do a 4 or 5 hours hikin tour.... But.. that´s life. We enjoyed that whole day, that´s worth to kick some plans...