Sunday, August 28, 2011

08/26 - 08/28 - Beer needs a home

Beer needs a home / Bier braucht Heimat - that's the slogan of the Sonnenbraeu brewery in Rebstein, just a few minutes away from our home. This brewery is the only of app. 120 breweries that is still existing in our region... all others are gone...

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Sonnenbraeu Lager Hell, a pale ale

Being founded in 1891 they've their 120th anniversary this year. Even though they have about 30 employees and an annual output of app. 3 millions litres of beer, it's still a small privat brewery.

It's an important part of this region and the people here are also proud of it... They're very innovative and try to bring new and tasty beer on the markets... on of the latest creations is the so-called "1891", a dark beer, nearly black in color and with a very intensive malty aroma.

Sonnenbraeu 1891 Dunkel

The last weekend in August was the weekend of the festival, which takes place every 5 years. Three days of fun, brewery tours, party and - of course - beer...

We started on Friday afternoon around 5 pm when the first keg was tapped... it´s done by Noeldi Forrer... on of the well-known haymakers of our region, maybe you remember his name from the report about the Haymaker's festival here in Balgach back in end of May.

Noeldi Forrer tappin the first keg

So... the fun started at 5 pm and ended up in the early hours of Saturday mornin... the weather was awesome. Sunshine and maximum temperatures of app. 35 °C / 95 F made us sweat and feelin thirsty...

Hops for decoration

Before the festival was opened officially by the tappin of the keg there were several speeches of different people... from the brewery, the fanclub etc.

4th generation of the founder's family

5th generation of the founder's family

MC Black Thunder Switzerland

120th annyversary of the brewery

Peter and Roger havin some beer

Noeldi sat at our table later at the evenin... maybe a nobody for most of my readers but he´s quite popular here in the country... and hey... he sat next to me... that made some guys really feel envious... hahaha

Then he gave the guys some autographs... I´m afraid that they cannot wash there shirts now anymore...

Noeldi signin Roger´s shirt

We´d a place in one of the big party tents, a stage inside where different bands played durin the evening... good rock music...

Clever rocked da house

Clever rocked da house

Clever rocked da house

Clever rocked da house

Clever rocked da house

Clever rocked da house

Day 2... let's start with a visit to the brewery and have a look how the guys make the beer. After the heavy thunderstorms of Saturday mornin the temperatures dropped down to a maximum of less the 15 °C / 59 F... damn cold in comparison to the day before.

The way through the brewery was very interestin and informative... one of there employees at every station, explainin what´s done there...

Copper vessels

Copper vessels

Bottle fillin machine

The latest product: Diva

They also store some Swiss Whisky

In the party tent they played music durin the afternoon... we´d fun there... there was also some traditional Swiss stuff... like Alpenhorn or the big jingles... very impressin sound... you have to hear it live...


Empty tankards...

Traditional jingles

Nice decoration of the jingles

Later in the afternoon the stone lifting contest startet... lift it up as much as you can... enjoy the faces of the participants...

The stone for the stone lifting.... 207 kg / 456 lb

88 cm / 34.6 inches

Day 3.. morning pint at 10 am... sun´s shinin again... nice Sunday mornin....

Inside the big tent at first a church service before the party went on... in the meantime we sat outside for our mornin pint...

Playin the Alpenhorn

Playin the Alpenhorn

Alpine ibex which is also in the brewery's logo

Beer's flowin again

A nice weekend with perfect weather most of the time... a lot of fun... we all enjoyed it...