Thursday, October 27, 2011

The journey through Belgium goes on...

I was in Belgium due to a business trip in summer and I took the chance to grab some bottles at a local shop with a fantastic range of different beers...

Rodenbach Grand Cru - a beer like a great wine

Completely different to the beers I'd before... you get some balsamic vinegar in the smell... yes, you're reading right.. it's vinegar. Takin a sip... crazy stuff... sour and fruity at the same time... vinegar at first (but not unpleasant), hints of malt, very complex and individual.... gettin mild and fruity with aromas of plum and pepper, some yeast... very long lastin at the palate... no beer for newbees...

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Gulden Draak - the Golden Dragon

Bottled with 10.5 %... it's one of the stronger beers... very malty in the beginnin but also some decent sweetness of grapes/raisins... pronounced bitterness of malt in the aftertaste... a nice beer after a good meal...

Augustijn Grand Cru - a blond Strong Beer

Blond and a lil somber in the glass... sweet smell like marzipan... takin a sip and realizin the high grade of carbonation... like a champagne... malty aromas... very fat in the mouth... very refreshing even though it has 9 % of alcohol.... a really good beer!

St. Bernardus Prior 8 - a dark Abbey Ale

Malty-fruity smell, very intensive... intensive malt aroma at the first sip, getting a bit fruity then... dried plums, raisins... caramell.... decent bitterness of the malt in the aftertaste... the alcohol level of 8% is embedded well.... very complex Dubbel.

Affligem Dubbel - Dark and fruity

Fruity smell, fruity taste: apple, grapes... very refreshing with some hins of caramel and malt. Decent citrus note paired with some bitterness of malt in the aftertaste... good and straight... not too complex.