Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pre-tasting some Nectar

In 2009 I held the first Whisky tasting in the Griffins Business Lounge in Kreuzlingen, a private tasting for a handful of invited people. 6 guys came and we'd a really good time... Now we're comin closer to the 6th event, this time I'd to stop the registration at a no. of 13 people.

The topic of this tasting in November will be: 1973, which means we'll have 4 whiskys being distilled in this year. The range is as follows:
  • Cragganmore 1973, OB
  • Glenrothes 1973, OB
  • Glen Moray 1973, Duncan Taylor
  • Highland Park 1973, Mackillop´s Choice

As all the times before I also pre-tasted the whiskys this time to take some notes that I can tell the guys durin our event.

Ok, let's go with the first in the row, the Cragganmore 1973.

Nose: Overwhelming fruitiness and very bloomy

Taste: White pepper, melon, vanilla, cinnamon, oak.

Aftertaste: Very long, still fruits and some pepper

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Second one is the Glenrothes 1973.

Nose: Almond, walnut, fruits, hints of eucalyptus, malt

Taste: Full and rich, citrus fruits like orange and lemon, notes of Sherry makin it very smooth and creamy, honey, caramel fudge, hints of spice

Aftertaste: Fruity and spicy, long and very complex

No. 3, Glen Moray from 1973.

Nose: Stewed fruit, exotical fruits, decent note of vanilla, hints of oak

Taste: Spices, pleasant earthiness, burnt wood, vanilla, oak, fruits, liquorice, decent bitterness

Aftertaste: Really long with pleasant notes of wood and orange

And last but not least the Highland Park from 1973.

Nose: Peanuts?, mint, herbs, like walkin through a forest

Taste: herbs and mint, dried fruits, hints of salt

Aftertaste: Not too long, decent vanilla and wood