Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter grilling, part 1 - meat, meat and meat

For many people the grilling season started the last days when the weather was getting better and better... sunshine and mild temperatures. But: grilling's nothing which is limited to the summer time... so... here are a few things I'd on the grill during the cold time of the year.

I made some categories: meat, poultry and fish, sides dishes and appetizers.

Let's start with the meat, two more postings will follow within the next weeks:

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Strip steak smothered with Laphroaig marinated onions

Strip steak smothered with Laphroaig marinated onions

Planked venison with raspberry marple syrup glaze

Roesti and venison

Beech-planked wild hog entrecote

Black Angus Beef with some toppin containin sheep cheese

Black Angus Beef and mashed potatos

3-2-1 ribs

All gone


Tri-tip-steak and cedar-planked stuffed mushrooms

Ribeye-Steak planked on a redwine soaked cedar wood

Flank Steak

Flank steak, stuffed mushrooms, potato mash

Planked London Broil as a main course

Main course - planked London Broil

Main course - Planked London Broil

Planksmoked bacon

The first cut

Marinated Thai Lamb Rack

Planked Thai Lamb Rack

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak and some vegetables

Skirt Steak Part II

Planked leg of lamb

Raw beef tongue - ready to be grilled

Grilled beef tongue

Beef tongue, potato and horseradish sauce

More ribs...

Varied recipe of the planked London broil

Varied recipe of the planked London broil

Breakfast burger (for dinner)

Steak with some Camembert topping

Pastrami after a few hours in the smoker

Pastrami sandwich