Monday, November 21, 2011

11/18 - Another pharmacy smoke

Another Friday... another pharmacy smoke... luckily I was able the fourth time to make a trip to Woerrstadt to meet with the guys in the old laboratory during Andreas´ emergency service.

I drove with two-times-Ralf and we already had some good smokes during the ride... I´d another Ramon Allones Allones Extra, the Edicion Limitada of 2011. It´s definitely a cigar with a great aging potential.

We arrived around 5 pm and due to the fact that there´s still some time until the event officially starts and that we´d nothing else then a small breakfast, we decided to have something for dinner in the Cafe Fritz.

Some of the other guys who also stayed there over night joined us and so we moved over to Andreas with a bunch of 10 guys later.

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Happy Alex

The table was filled with different stuff to drink and to eat... a special thank to Vitaliy for bringing that bacon from the Ukraine with him... I love that stuff...

We´d a lot of spirits to try, 2 of them I kept in mind... the first was the Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix. I´m no big Glenfiddich fan but this one is really good... I like it.

The second drink is something that I won´t have another time... it´s a so called Single Malt from the German distillery Ziegler. I´m sorry to say, but this spirit has NOTHING to do with a Single Malt, it simply tasted like a average fruit schnaps. Not more, not less. Not worth the buck imho. Those guys should leave it to Scotland to make Single Malt.

Some of the spirits

Among the cigars I smoked there was also a ´99 Montecristo "A". I said this several times, before maybe I´m repeating myself, but I definitely cannot understand why people always complain about cigars between ´99 and ´01. Maybe they´d draw issues in the beginning when they came out but nowadays those are really awesome cigars. This "A" had a touch of this beloved vintage flavor... a very good smoke which lasted for nearly 3 hours.

Smoking in the lab

Any questions?

Woerrstadt Emergency Team

What the hell are they doing here?

Red and white

Smirking Ralf

Long after midnight somebody opened the drawer with different (sun) glasses... not much words needed, simply enjoy the pix.

Porn Michael

Hey Yo!

Can I help you?

My last visit in 2011, I´d a really good time... I´ll be back in 2012!