Saturday, November 12, 2011

La Méthode de Jacques Puisais

Some years ago there was an article at a German board which described a method of lighting up a cigar (which was published before in the "Havanoscope" in '99): 

La Méthode de Jacques Puisais

It describes that Mr. J. Puisais, Director of the French Institute for Taste, thinks that due to the heat of the flame and the difference of temperature between foot and head of the cigar while lighting up a cutted cigar there will be a suction caused by the stack effect and the accruing fumes will be partly sucked into the cigar. In his opinion this will influence the taste of the cigar strongly negative. His recommendation is to cut the cigar AFTER lighting up and to blow through the cigar before you take the first draw, to remove all "impurities" from it.

My experience with it was as follows (first experiment was done a few months ago):

I tested this theorie with two Bolivar Petit Corona.

My sense of taste connoted me that the cigar that has been cutted before lighting up had some biting tastes in the beginning... ok, it tasted as I know it from the experience. I really recognized it after I lighted up the second one uncutted and blew through it before the first draw. The taste was much more "smooth"... and in this context you saw that the other one was more biting....

I lighted both cigars with a soft lighter flame (no jet flame) and took a long time to set it on fire....

For me it has a positive effect on the cigar, that's the reason why I light them up in the described way.

What do you think about it? Do you have any experience with this method?