Thursday, December 01, 2011

11/28 - Cigars and Belgian beer

As every year I´ve to visit some customers in The Netherlands at this time of the year. Luckily I talked to Frank before, a guy whom I met at the pharmacy smoke in August and he suggested to meet in Lommel. Good idea: not far away from my first customer, nice hotel, good possibilities to smoke, good food and beer... His friend Koen, who´s been at the pharmacy too, came also and Thierry from the area of Liege, with whom I´m in contact through different social networks since a while.

The Tuinhotel - Nino stayed there a while back - is a really nice hotel in the center of Lommel, prices are good and there´s enough space for parking the car.

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Tuincafe / Tuinhotel

Nice room

After my arriveal I occupied a table at the terrace, because smoking is not allowed inside in Belgium. But luckily they installed heaters and even though the outside temperatures were low it felt very comfortable to sit there.

Tuinhotel terrace

A first cigar - Flying Pig from Hamlet - and a nice and cold Belgian beer - Grimbergen Blond - felt good and relaxing after the trip with some really bad traffic jams due to some accidents.

Grimbergen Blond

When I finished my cigar Frank arrived and handed me out a fantastic smoking Partagas Seleccion Privada No. 1 from 2000. Interesting... it seemed to be Partagas evening. I had some original release Partagas Salomones with me (from the 25 ct box), also a Partagas Palmas Grandes from the early 80s.

Koen handed me out another Palmas Grandes, but this one´s from the 60s or 70s, I´ll enjoy it vertical with one of mine and a ´97 LGC MdO No. 2. Thx a lot for that.

Thierry handed me out a bottle of a beer which is brewed in his region and also gave me a special CAO to try... I´ll report about it later when I smoked it.

Thx to Frank for the bottles of the Jean Nicot beer, I´m really looking forward to try it... but why waiting... lemme open a bottle of it, while I´m writing this report here. I hope you´ll enjoy the Swiss Highlander Whisky...

It´s really fantastic that those guys made their trip to Lommel, because they´d to drive home between 1 and 2 hours... I really enjoyed the evening with you and I´m looking forward to meet you again... either here in Belgium, at the pharmacy, in Switzerland or wherever on this planet...

Westmalle Tripel

Westmalle Tripel




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