Sunday, December 04, 2011

12/03 - Sixday Nights Zurich, Final night

It's still named Sixdays.... but in the end it's not 6 but just 4 nights of cycling action...

Anyhow... my first visit to such kinda event after many years of absence... and it's worth to go there...

It's a long evening, starting at 6.30 pm and ended up at 2.30 am on Sunday morning.

I took some pix from the place where we sat...

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Welcome the Hallenstadion Zurich

Welcome the Hallenstadion Zurich

Marvulli / Keisse during the introduction

Let´s start

Jörg Peter

Motor-paced racer

Motor-paced racer

Preparing for the sprint

Derny race

Hester / Morkov

Aeschbach / Stucki

 Lamparter / Grasmann

Getting a massage

Hondo / Bartko

Final lap

The winner - Marvulli