Friday, December 16, 2011

12/14 - Swiss Musketeer Herf

One year ago we made our smoke at the end of the year as a threesome smoke... this time D'Artagnan aka Ralf joined the Swiss Musketeers... so it's a foursome smoke.

Due to the fact that the Runway was totally booked out, we´d to find another place for our smoke. We met at the QN lounge where we spent a great evening app. 2 years ago with two friends from the States... it´s one of the first reports here on my blog.

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QN World

We took our seats in the lounge and fired up the sticks. For me the first cigar of this evening was a Vegas Robaina Maestros ER Spain 2008. A great cigar, they developed well and they´re very promising for the future... we´ll see...

Starting with a Vegas Robaina Maestros ER Spain 2008

After the first cigar we took a short break and changed the location within the smoking area to have some dinner. The food´s really good there and after we finished we moved back to the convenient seats in the lounge to continue our smoking with an Upmann No. 2 from 1996.


Do you really need some words on a 15 yo. Upmann cigar? What can I say about it than: intensive in taste, great aroma, strong. Fan-fucking-tastic! I still have some left of those... luckily... a real highlight! My last cigar of that evening was a Montecristo Edmundo from 2006. Being some kinda tasteless and boring when they came out, it developed into an interesting cigar full of flavor. A really positive surprise.

It was a very nice evening, guys... I´m happy that we met to celebrate our last smoke of 2011 with this constellation.

Upmann No. 2 from 1996

A light in the dark

4 caps of 4 great cigars