Monday, January 30, 2012

Pre-tasting 184 years of Whisky

Due to our upcoming Glen Grant Masterclass Tasting with following line-up I did another pre-tasting to take some notes:
  • Glen Grant 19 yo., 1991 - 2011, 54.9 %, bottled by The Whisky Chamber
  • Glen Grant 36 yo., 1973 -2010, 53.6 %, bottled by The Whisky Agency
  • Glen Grant 37 yo, 1973 - 2010, 46.0 %, bottled by THOSOP Belgium
  • Glen Grant 38 yo., 1972 -2010, 44.7 %, bottled by Duncan Taylor
  • Glen Grant, 54 yo., 1957 - 2011, 40.0 %, bottled by Gordon & McPhail

Definetely an interesting line-up... let's start this pre-tasting with the youngest, a 19 yo. from The Whisky Chamber.

Nose: Vanilla, refreshing fruitiness, almond

Taste: Bourbon sweetness, vanilla, Crème brûlée, charred oak, hints of smoke

Aftertaste: Long and creamy, fruits

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Now it's getting older, we jump to the year 1973... oh, my year of birth. 2 bottles from this year: a 36 yo. and a 37 yo.

First of them will be the 36 yo. bottled by The Whisky Agency.

Nose: Honey, rum raisins, liquorice

Taste: Dried fruits, a mix of herbs and spices, hints of cinnamon, some liquorice, oak, some fruitiness (after a while in the glass) of overripe apples

Aftertaste: Medium long, seems a bit "rough" (even though it's 36 yo.), spices

The second one, 37 yo. bottled by THOSOP, Belgium.

Nose: Overripe fruits, wax, honey, liquorice

Taste: Dried fruits, creamy, almond, nutmeg, mix of spices, polished wood

Aftertaste: Long with some spices, oak

The next one, 38 yo. and bottled by Duncan Taylor... let´s pour it in the glass.

Nose: Dried fruits, decent oak notes, bloomy

Taste: White pepper, oak, nutmeg, rum raisins, spices, plum, dark chocolate

Aftertaste: Perfect balance between spices and sweetness, very, very long....

And now... the highlight of the tasting range: a 54 yo, bottled in 2011 by Gordon & McPhail.

Nose: Dried fruits, fresh ground black pepper, buckeye

Taste: Interaction of sweet- and bitterness, oak, rum raisins and plum in the background, very decent smoky aromas, spices?

Aftertaste: Long and warming, wood, hints of smoke

A very interesting range of 5 fantastic whiskys, I'm really looking forward how the participants of this event will like them.