Monday, February 06, 2012

Tasting some Sonnenbraeu beers

I got some complaints in the past because I reviewed beers from Belgium and the USA but not the local ones from the brewery which is just around the corner, the Sonnenbraeu Brewery in Rebstein. It's true... the beer from the Sonnenbraeu is my everyday-beer and I never thought about reviewing it... it's just the stuff I like and enjoy... but I decided to change it and tried some of the beers of their range...

Tasting range (left to right): Ribelgold, Doppelbock, Zwickelgold, 1891, Spezial, Rheinperle

Lager Hell

Straw yellow colored with a very creamy white head... a smell of malt (sweetness) and hops (bitterness) in a perfect balance. The taste proofs the smell with the hops being a bit more dominant. Refreshing and full-flavored... very pleasant on the palate. It's bottled at 4.8% ABV, the typical strength for that kinda beer.

My alltime favorite - Lager hell

Ribelgold (corn beer)

Decent sweetness in the nose (maybe an effect of the corn) and pronounced hops. The first sip gives a suprisingly strong aroma of herbal hops, fading away quickly and being replaced by the sweetness of the corn. Not overwhelming, mild... some bread-like aromas... decent bitterness in the aftertaste. Bottled at an ABV of 5.0 %.

Ribelgold - introduced at the 100th anniversary


Puring in the glass with bright blond color, I would´ve expected something which's darker but there are also pale Bock beers. With 6.0 % the ABV is at the lower limit of a Doppelbock. Some malt and decent sweetness in the nose. The body's a little bit weak, caramell and malt, hops in the finish. Not bad but not among the best of their range.

Doppelbock - introduced at the 110th anniversary


I like that naturally cloudy look of the beer in the glass, unfiltered, amber-colored. An intensive smell of barley, sugar, bread and some hints of peat hit the nose... Even though it´s only 5.0 % ABV, it's full bodied in the mouth, with aromas of yeast, hops, hints of liquorice and some decent notes of peat. Refreshing but also very intensive aromas... a very good beer. I tried it the first time but it won't be the last...

Zwickelgold - unfiltered and naturally cloudy

1891 Dunkel

Poured clear deep brown with a medium creamy tan head. Light caramel and roasted grains in the nose, some herbs. Medium bodied beer, some caramel, light toffee, some fruits and chocolate. Very palatable with an ABV of 5.0 %.

1891 - introduced last year at the 120th anniversary


Light yellow colored with a lot of yeast and full-flavored hop in the nose. Very palatable, dry and tasty aromas of barley, malt and sugar beet followed by a decent hop bitterness in the aftertaste... a nice balanced beer which's bottled at 5.2 %.

More malt, more hops, that´s the special thing


Sunflower yellow colored with a nice and fine-pored head... A pleasant smell of barley, hops and ripe apples.Tangy, full-bodied on the palate... hops, malt and some hints of apple cider... dry on the palate, some decent sweetness on the lips... really good beer...

Rheinperle - a real Pilsner