Sunday, March 18, 2012

03/16 - Glent Grant Masterclass Tasting

A few months passed and it's time for tasting no. 7, the Glen Grant Masterclass Tasting with the following line-up:
  • Glen Grant 19 yo., 1991 - 2011, 54.9 %, bottled by The Whisky Chamber
  • Glen Grant 36 yo., 1973 -2010, 53.6 %, bottled by The Whisky Agency
  • Glen Grant 37 yo, 1973 - 2010, 46.0 %, bottled by THOSOP Belgium
  • Glen Grant 38 yo., 1970 - 2009, 49.9 %, bottled by Duncan Taylor
  • Glen Grant, 54 yo., 1957 - 2011, 40.0 %, bottled by Gordon & McPhail

184 years of whisky... I tried all whiskys before to take some notes for the presentation and I was really curious how the people would like them...

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The range of the evening

184 years of whisky

We're a group of 8 people, a very good size to have a good conversation about the stuff we drink and smoke. Talking about the cigars: as always Urs provided the cigars, a box of Montecristo Especial from 2008, which were a perfect match with the whiskys. Thx again for that generous gesture which I don't take for granted.

But let's dive into the tasting now... a short introduction about the Glen Grant distillery... then they guys were ready for the first dram... a 19 yo. Glen Grant from The Whisky Chamber... a light and refreshing kinda summer whisky.

The next ones: 36, 37 and 38 years old... the one bottled by THOSOP being the "best" of the range so far...




THOSOP 1973 and Montecristo Especial 2008

Then... the highlight of the evening... 54 years of age... a fantastic whisky. Complex. Intensive flavors. And a very good match with the cigar which got stronger during the last third but being always on an equal footing with the whisky.

Another great evening with a great bunch of guys... I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to our 8th tasting that we'll have end of October...

The whole group