Monday, April 30, 2012

04/28 - Whiskyfair 2012

It's already one year ago that we visited the Whiskyfair in Limburg... this year I made the trip on my own... beautiful weather and pleasant temperatures in the morning, it's a perfect day.

The way from the parking garage to the hall leads through the old part of Limburg... half-timber houses, narrow streets....

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Limburg - a really nice place

This year I was really early and due to this I was very close to the entrance while the people arrived and formed a long queue in front of the entrance... waiting for the inlet. It was planned to met there with Manfred, later on we met two other friends who I haven´t seen now for a while... it's nice to meet the people, have fun together, exchange about all that whisky stuff...

The crowd waiting for the doors to be opened

Everybody who's been there knows the special atmosphere of this event... it's getting bigger and bigger but it never lost its familiar character... a lot of small vendors with rarities and specialties... definitely heaven for any whiskylover...

I'd the chance to try some really nice whiskys... old Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Highland Park, Port Ellen, Caol Ila... and some more... a long list with absolutely outstanding stuff...

I think it's enough said, enjoy the pix to get an impression of this fantastic event... I'll be back in 2013!

Detlef Sommer presenting the Saentis Malt

Some Glenfarclas, presented by George Grant at Getraenkewelt Weisser

George Grant from Glenfarclas Distillery

Springbank ceramic jug

Old and crusty Highland Park

Yummy Bowmores from Jack Wiebers

Some old bottlings

Oooops...!! Like the distillery: gone but not forgotten

Lunch time with cigar and whisky

This Port Charlotte is awesome

Highland Park Thor - nice dram

The crowd