Friday, May 25, 2012

Cohiba Piramde Extra (MT)

The Piramide Extra is a brand new vitola which is considered to be part of the "Linea Clasica" but it bears a brand new band. The ones that I'd here (I'd two of those) were produced before the regular line was produced (they also have an old band) and they contained Medio Tiempo which'll be not in the regular line... what a pity.

The wrapper is light brown, definitely reminding of the Classic line. The aromas are mild,a decent smell of tobacco, cedar wood and some hints of white pepper.

It starts with a spicy mix of cedar, white pepper and nutmeg. It's all in all very intensive but on the other hand it's very creamy... an amazing combination. I'm definitely missing those grassy flavor that many Cohibas have... in this case it's no loss because I don't like it too much. So, in this case it's a positive miss... haha

In the second third it slow down a little bit even though the aromas are going more on the strong side... dark roasted espresso, dark chocolate and some hints of honey... a decent sweetness in the background... Pepper's gone completely... the woody notes come up from time to time...

Earth and wood, tar, leather and also some charcoal: that's the last third. Some kinda untypical if you consider that I smoke a Cohiba, but really good! I'm sure that the MT had a big influence on the complexity of the cigar and I'm curious how a regular one will smoke... this one was really great, but we've to see... because I said before: they won't be like this one.

The burn was perfect over the smoking time of 2 hours, the draw was a bit too light for my liking...

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Due to the fact that I'd two of those sticks, I smoked one when drinking only water and paired the other one with some drinks.

Good pairings with the cigar were as follows:
  • Anchor Steam Beer with the first half of the cigar
  •  Laphroaig 13 yo., Chateau Lafite Cask finish with the second half of the cigar