Monday, June 11, 2012

06/07 - Pre-Herf in Balgach

Due to our upcoming annual herf which took place in St. Moritz this year, Tom and I planned to meet at my home for a pre-herf with some BBQ, Belgian beer and some Cuban cigars. This pre-herf took place but without Tom who'd to cancel his visit because of a late business meeting in his company... it seems that it'll never happen that he'll make it to Balgach.

This day was dedicated to the three food groups... beer, cigars and BBQ... I know the print on the shirt is definitely wrong.

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While the brisket's on the grill (since 6 am) I started later with the first cigar and a nice Belgian beer. Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas from the 2004 humidor together with a Chimay Blondes. A really nice after-breakfast-combo...

Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas 2004 and Chimay Blondes

Also a good pairing was together with another Trappist beer: Orval. I really like the Orval, this one was 4 years old and gave me a hint of an impression of its aging potential...

Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas 2004 and Orval

Last but not least: pairing it with a St. Bernardus Prior 8. St. Bernardus is said to be brewed with the same ingredients and in the same way like the Westvleteren. I don't know it but anyhow: it's a very good beer.

Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas 2004 and St. Bernardus Prior 8

After a bit more than 3 hours I had to put it to the ashtray... ashes to ashes... R.I.P. Hoyo. A terrific way to start this day.

Hoyo de Monterrey Diademas 2004

It's the day of the big boys so I went ahead with a Montecristo A from 1998.... first pairing it with an Affligem Patersvat.

Montecristo A 1998 and Affligem Patersvat

The brisket looked very good after app. 6.5 hours but still had a while to go until it's ready. I ended up with a total time of 10 hours.

Brisket after 6.5 hours

In the meantime it's time for some variety and so I filled my glass with "distilled beer" aka whisky... a Glen Grant from 1957 (distilled in 2011) seems to be a good choice to wash down all the beer...

Montecristo A 1998 and Glen Grant 1957

Another one outta my choice of today's Belgian beers.. one of the best Belgian sour beers that I know, a Rodenbach Grand Cru, paired with a Montecristo A form 1998. Very refreshing while the temperatures climbed up now to 30 °C / 86 F.

Montecristo A 1998 and Rodenbach Grand Cru

Ok... two great sticks... 6 hours of smoking... 5 excellent beers and an awesome Single Malt... I guess it's time to have a good BBQ dinner now....

Ok, ok.... one last stick before dinner: Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 3 from 1998. I'm really hungry now... the smell of the brisket is killing me...

Partagas Serie du Connaisseur No. 3 from 1998

After I finished the Partagas the brisket reached its final temperature, so it was wrapped in aluminim foil and put in a warm place to rest for at 1 to 2 hours.

In the meantime I preparead the beans in my Ramon Allones Estupendos box and after heating them for a while I added the plank with the mashed potatos.

Baked Beans

Mashed Potatos

Due to the fact that it was just the second brisket that I made I felt a bit unsure about the quality... Would it be tender? Would it be juicy? But there was no reason for any doubts... it came out great and all were happy.

Tender and juicy brisket with a nice smoke ring

A fantastic dinner plate

Tom, you definitely missed a great dinner and some good drinks and cigars... but I'm sure you know that and there's no need to rub it in from my side...