Tuesday, June 12, 2012

06/08 - We all came out to St. Moritz...

... to the Waldhaus am See... no, it's not Deep Purple, just a bunch of cigar guys...

But before we started, I waited at home for Tom to pick me up... unfortunately he couldn't stay here overnight, so we decided that he'll come in the morning to drive there together...

So I started the morning with a big mug of coffee... and a nice stick. The Montecristo No. 4 Reserva developed really well in the last years... a helluva way to start that day.

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Coffee and Montecristo No. 4 Reserva

There are worse ways to kill time while waiting

It seems that we're not really lucky with the weather when it comes to our annual Swiss herf... last year the weather was perfect at the first weekends of June, so I decided to organize at again for the beginning of June... checking the webcam this morning makes me feel a bit unsure if we go to St. Moritz or if it's maybe Mordor...

Regular clouds or already cigar smoke?

Tom arrived around 10.30 and we left 30 minutes later for St. Moritz where we checked in about 2 hours later in the Waldhaus am See, the place where we'd stay until Sunday.

Waldhaus am See

View on the lake

After the check-in we'd a quick lunch and moved to the whisky bar "Devil's place" which is the biggest whisky bar in the world! About 2'500 different bottlings are available... sounds like whisky heaven for some of us... including myself.

Our smoking lounge until Sunday - Devils place

Here are some bottles which can be seen in the bar...

During the afternoon more and more guys of our group arrived and finally we're complete around 7 pm in the evening...

Cohiba Siglo V from 1994

Service guy Wolfgang - good job, we enjoyed our time

Dunhill Mojito

Mortlach 1989 by Samaroli

Juan Lopez Brothers: ER Austria and Benelux

Adoring some nice bottles of whisky

We'd an excellent dinner at the restaurant of the hotel... too lazy to go out into the rain and check for another place. Luckily we did so, because the quality was absolutely great and so we decided to have dinner there also on Saturday evening. At the first evening we also had some champagne, a Pol Roger Winston Churchill 1988 courtesy of Andreas, a 1990 on the second evening courtesy of Sabine and Michael. Thanks a lot guys... great stuff!

Great champagne before dinner, thx Andreas

Back at the whisky bar we fired up on special stick which was the same for all: a Romeo y Julieta Romeos which was in the humidor for the 125th anniversary released in the year 2000.

My cigar and also a few others smoked fantastic and had a good taste but unfortunately many of them were plugged and had to be pitched way too early... it's a pity...

Some of the whiskys helped to wash down the upcoming frustration... it's a great first evening of our herf which ended up around 2.30 am.

The venting worked surprisingly good (supported by the open window in some cases) and due to this nobody outside the bar complained about the heavy smoke... but be aware that you could smell it in the whole house...

RyJ Romeos from the 2000 humidor, 125th anniversary

Gimme more beer...

Banff 1976 by Signatory