Wednesday, June 13, 2012

06/09 - Annual Swiss Herf in St. Moritz

After a few hours of sleep we met for breakfast... one part of the group started for a little trip in the mountains, the rest stayed at the hotel.

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Luckily there was a short time without rain and with some sun so we took the chance for an outdoor smoke in front of the hotel... a wonderful view on the lake and the houses of St. Moritz...

ERdM Petit Corona from 1994

Back in the lounge we opened the two packages with the cigars that I got from Urs Portmann for the blind tasting that we'd on our schedule. With a group of 7 we started smoking the sticks, the others joined us later. The size was verified soon, a Laguito No. 2, which was the size for both cigars...

Too make it not too easy the selection of the cigars wasn't limited to the actual production range but also included cigars which've been discontinued in the meantime. Interesting discussions came up and the guessing started. The two possible candidates were named by many, but not all were right with guessing which is which.

The cigars were the Cohiba Coronas Especial and the Montecristo Especial No. 2. During the smoking people talked about quality and the fact that Montecristo's quality dropped with the increase of the produced quantities etc. But it's a matter of fact that most people of the group liked the Montecristo more than the Cohiba. For me I can say: The first half of the Montecristo was way better than the first half of the Cohiba, in the second half the Cohiba was slightly ahead the Montecristo... but at the end the Montecristo was the better cigar for me too.

Blind tasting cigars by Portmann

Some more good cigars were smoked after that interesting blind tasting and the first whiskys were in the glasses... I wasn't in a big mood for whisky on the day before but now I took the chance to try some of those fantastic bottlings which could be find on the menu.

Bolivar Distinguidos, ER China

Dunhill Varadero

Laphroaig 1995

Partagas Palmas Grandes from the late 70s

Laphroaig 16 yo.

Punch Exquisitos from 1985

For dinner Bernd and I decided to take some cheese fondue... on one hand I didn't have it the whole winter - unbelievable, but it´s a matter of fact - and on the other hand the temperatures were not really summer-like, so it was an easy decision... and it was a good choice... it tastet great and after that meal we'd an excellent basis for some more smoking and drinking.

Needless to say that it's another evening full of smoke and good conversations which ended again after 2 am in the morning...

Cheese fondue together with Bernd for dinner

Laphroaig 25 yo.

Port Ellen 22 yo.