Friday, June 22, 2012


The journey through the world of Belgian beer goes on... here are 4 more beers that I tried...

Affligem Patersvat Blond

The most special thing of this beer is that it's only brewed once a year at the end of the summer.

The nose gives you a lot of hops, but not very bitter, there's still a certain fruityness. The taste is the same in the beginning, fruit and hops, all well balanced. Some spices are coming up, yeast... oh well, a very nice double hopped beer with 6.8 %.

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St. Bernardus Grottenbier

Very nice smell of caramell and some decent spices, a bitter note's there too. The taste is a mixture of caramell, some burnt sugar, sweetness of malt, roasted flavors and some decent bitterness of hops. The alcohol of 6.5 % is well embedded.

Val Dieu Triple

Nose is very creamy smelling, fruit and malt. Very creamy also in the taste, fruit and yeast. Reminding a little bit of a Hefeweizen but with a bit more power, because it's 9.0 %. Not too bad, but I liked the Grand Cru more.

Hoegaarden Grand Cru

The foam is going away very fast... a smell of citrus and some herbs... the first sip: citrus, orange.... and koriander. Looking on the label indicates that they used herbs. Oh man... that's absolutely a no-go for me. One try, that's it. If I want a Hoegaarden, I stick to the really refreshing Whitbier.