Saturday, July 14, 2012

07/12 - Hiking in the Alpstein area

On Thursday I made another hiking tour. The weather was perfect: no rain, temperatures should be max. 20 °C / 68 F.

I didn't wanna drive too far, so I decided to make a tour in our area, just a 30 minutes drive away. My plan was to walk to the Ebenalp (via the Seealpsee) and take the cable train back to the starting point. In the end I walked down from there too...

Here are the significant milestones of my trip
  • Wasserauen, starting point (868 m / 2848 ft)
  • Seealpsee (1131 m / 3711 ft)
  • Altenzalp (1595 m / 5233 ft)
  • Ebenalp (1644 m / 5394 ft) --> highest point of the trip
  • Wildkirchli / Aescher (1454 m / 4770 ft)
  • Wasserauen (868 m / 2848 ft)

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I reached the Seealpsee after app. 40 minutes and due to the fact that it´s just around 9 am I took the chance for a second breakfast...

The lake's crystal clear and you could see some nice reflexions in it... the whole place is really awesome with all the surrounding mountains...

Arriving at the Seealpsee

Great reflexion in the lake

Second breakfast - a cold beer and a steak sandwich

I continued my walk along the lake and at its end I took the way up to the hill... a tough part of the trip... climbing up about 450 m / 1476 ft of altitude on a really short distance. The way to the Altenalp took me a bit more than 1 hour... and it made me really sweat. When I arrived at this point I was rewarded with a great view over the area which I walked through before... really awesome... I hope the pictures can "transport" the view and impressions I had...

The way uphill

Climbing higher and higher


View on the lake

Taking a rest

I went on and 1 hour later I arrived at the Ebenalp, the highest point of that tour at an altitude of 1644 m / 5394 ft. I've been here about 3 years ago when a friend from the US visited us.... at this time we took the cable train for both ways and did just a little walk there.

Unfortunately some more clouds came up in the meantime, due to this the view was a bit limited but you could still see the Lake Constanze in the background and the other mountains in the Alpstein.

One of those is the Hohe Kasten, a mountain where I've been last year, here's the report:

While making my lunch break I'd some local beer and smoked a Quintero Brevas and enjoyed the view over the wonderful Rhine valley... As I said before I originally planned to drive down to Wasserauen with the cable train but after this break I changed my mind and decided to walk down this way... another 1.5 hours.



Great view to the Lake Constanze in the background

Lunch time with a cold beer and a Quintero Brevas


The way down made me pass the historic cave (around 1900 researchers found tools and bones of cavemen there) and then I passed the Wildkirchli. It's an old chapel which is built in the rocks of the mountain... Just around the corner you can find the mountain inn Aescher, also built close to and into the rocks of the mountain. It's all about 10 minutes away from the Ebenalp, so I didn't take another break and continued my way...

After a while I saw a sign giving some information about the fact that they sell some cave cheese here... stored for about 1 year in a cave... I tried it, liked it and bought some of it...

The sky was totally overcast when I arrived in Wasserauen where I'd parked my car, it seems that I took the perfect time frame for this trip.

Even though I had some muscle hangover, it was really a great day...

Walking down to the valley



Wildkirchli - a chapel in the mountain

Mountain inn Aescher

A cow on the track

Some cheese for sale

That´s what I bought...