Thursday, July 19, 2012

07/17 - Whisky and... mackerels

On Tuesday evening we met in the Restaurant Gemsle in Dornbirn for a special evening... on the schedule we´d whisky and mackerels... and later some cigars...

Moses ( asked me a few days back if I'd be interested to take part... and I answered: of course. He also asked a handful of other people and so we met with a group of 12 people.

As the title says.... the food was fresh mackerels, well prepared by the team in the kitchen. For the drinks there was a special concept for this evening: each of the participants was asked to bring a bottle of whisky of which he thinks that it would go well with the fish.

In my opinion it should be one with the following characteristics:
  • More on the light site
  • Maybe with a hint of peat or smoke
  • Maritim character
  • A touch of salt

I decided to take a bottle of Bruichladdich 18, 2nd edition, which has been matured in Clos Uroulat casks... a French sweet wine. Those sweet notes and the saltiness should get in some nice interaction.

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Bruichladdich 18 yo., 2nd edition

I picked up a friend and we arrived at 7.30 pm at the location where we planned to meet...

The "whisky table"

After intrudocing each other and a first dram of whisky we took our places... eagerly waiting for dinner...

Bowmore 17 yo.

Laphroaig 10 yo.

Macduff 21 yo.

Imperial 16 yo.

Action in the kitchen

The mackerels

Ready to be served

Dinner was absolutely great... simple but very tasty... nothing more needed. I'd a lot of good conversation during the evening while talking about whisky, cigars, food and a lot of other stuff...

BTW: the Bruichladdich 18 yo. was a good match with the fish, so I made the right choice in this case...

I'm definitely looking for the next event that we'll have there... combining some good food with whisky... excellent idea. It's great that Harald found a restaurant where this concept works and I'm convinced that it was a very nice evening for all of us...


Upmann Royal Robusto and Bunnahabhain

Manfred, the cook

Bruichladdich 18 yo.