Monday, July 23, 2012

07/21 - Swiss MTB Championship in Balgach, Day 1

Finally the big day was here... 2 years of organization for the Swiss MTB Championship for the comitee and the many helping hands.

It wasn't only the Swiss Championship but also a competition of the so called BMC cup with races at different locations in Switzerland.

The races started in the morning with a special parcour for the youngest and went on with races for boys, girls and also different adult groups... Due to some rain on Friday the track was muddy at some places...

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The first race for the Swiss Championship was the so called Eliminator race... first all riders had to ride one round and due to their time the were put together in different groups with 4 guys which had to go for quarter-, semi-final and final runs... The first two of each run will continue with the next run... in the end, the first'll be Swiss Champion.

During this Eliminator race a heavy rainshower started but in the end the best won without incident...

The local heroes made the race... Jolanda Neff won in the women's group and Thomas Litscher in the men's group... congrats to both of them!

Local hero Jolanda Neff

Local hero Thomas Litscher

First Swiss Eliminator Champion - Jolanda Neff

First Swiss Eliminator Champion - Thomas Litscher

The full set of pictures can be found on Facebook (public gallery but you've to be logged in to your account).