Tuesday, July 24, 2012

07/22 - Swiss MTB Championship in Balgach, Day 2

After the heavy rainshower on Saturday evening there was still some more rain during the night. Due to this it was unsure if the really spectacular hillside could be used on Sunday... the first races still took the alternative track, really muddy at some parts...

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Somes crashes happened at this keypoint...

At one place of the track there was a special VIP area where you could only enter with a special band. Wine and some tasty fingerfood was served there while there was a break of app. 1 hour before the race of the elite women and U23 started.


The race started at 12 pm and a few minutes later the first riders came up the hill... first the elite women... then the U23 women

At this time of the day the weather was absolutely perfect... pleasant temperatures... not too hot and most importantly: no rain!

All the people along the track saw great competitions with a lot of action and well deserved winners...

Sarah Koba, leader from the beginning and Swiss Champion 2012

Jolanda Neff - first of the crowd and Swiss Champion 2012 U23


The Elite race started

Thomas Litscher

Nino Schurter - Swiss Champion 2012

Ralf Näf

Florian Vogel

Thomas Litscher riding down the final hillside

Yeah! I´m Swiss Champion!

The full set of pictures can be found on Facebook (public gallery but you've to be logged in to your account).