Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ramon Allones Gladiator ER B.P.E. 2010

One of the many Ramon Allones regional releases, but it's another good one... big size which is typical for the actual tendency... for the upper limit regarding the RG... I prefer normally smaller ones.

The youth of this cigar is very present in the smell... there's a pronounced aroma of ammonia, reminding of horse stable... but that´s not the only, there´s also tobacco and wood.

The wrapper is colorado colored with a decent oily shine... let's fire it up.

The first third is filled with an intensive spicyness with white pepper in the nose, some sweetness of honey in the background, a good balance... changing from time to time... keeps the smoke really interesting.

During the second third the spices and sweetness are still there, some notes of cedar wood join and the ammonia is gone completely.

The smoke is getting stronger during the last third: wood, leather, no more sweetness, dark roasted espresso, those are the aromas which come up now...

The smoking time was 135 minutes with no burn issues and an always perfect draw... another good smoke, thumbs up.