Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seth's beer package

Back in May we made a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida... we met there a friend which I know from the cigar boards and we exchanged some bottles of beer...

Here are my impressions of the beers he gave to me... some I drank there, some when I was back at home... thx again, Seth...

Founders Backwoods Bastard

Bourbon and molasses hit the nose, some alcohol in the background... the mouthfeeling is very smooth and creamy. The bourbon taste is very present but not too overwhelming. The ABV of 10.2 % is well embedded. A really nice beer.

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I've to confess that I'm a hophead and this beer is absolutely my liking.

Fresh, fruity and - of course - hoppy in the nose with some hints of herbs. With the first sip the hops hit the taste buds... a decent bitterness paired with grassy notes and herbs... all well balanced. No alcohol in the foreground even though it's an ABV of 10.4 %. Great flavor, that's one of my favorites.

Fegley's Insidious Imperial Stout

Smells like breakfast: light roasted coffee and bread malt, joined by some vanilla and caramel notes. Fresh and floral in the mouth paired with sweet coffee and chocolate, a little bit too sweet for me. There some kinda earthy touch.... but not very dominant... just a hint... the ABV of 9 % is embedded very well.

Russian River Damnation

Fruits like banana and citrus, some yeast, spices and malt... that's what you in the nose. The banana is present in the first sip, followed by a mix of spices, yeast and malt. There's a decent bitterness in interaction with the fruitiness... I miss the hoppy note, but is better than expected after the smell. The ABV of this beer is 7.75 %.

Founders Imperial Stout

Very dark in the glass with an intensive smell of roasted malt, chocoloate and coffee. That's the aroma you also get in the mouth... very sweet (too sweet for me) but it's also covering the alcohol which is 10.5 %.

He´Brew Funky Jewbelation

Also very dark in the glass, I'm afraid that's another extremely sweet one. Some notes of oak, bread and caramel in the nose... the first sip: sweet but not too sweet. Oak wood paired with the aroma of caramel, some sour fruits (cherry?), coconut and dark bitter chocolate. The ABV is 9.8%.

Unibroue 17 Grande Réserve

These on is no US beer, it's from Canada. A complex mix of yeast, oak wood, vanilla and sweet Bourbon hits the nose. The taste follows the nose and delivers a great mouthfeel... it's almost creamy with additional tastes of liquorice and chocolate... The ABV of 10 % is well hidden in the creaminess of the beer... another on the sweet side, but again not too sweet.