Friday, August 31, 2012

The healing process

Two weeks after the surgery it was time to remove the strings from the wounds. All cuts have healed very well so it's just a routine matter.

I did my exercises at home which I've been taught in hospital, so it was no big drama. The bending of the knee which's one of the main issues after such kinda surgery is getting better and better, 105° without any pain. I also did a lot of walking exercises which's very important because I've to walk to the therapist's place, about 300 m. Sounds easy but after the surgery and the consequences I'd to suffer from it's a real challenge.The load that I'm allowed to put on the foot is still at a maximum of app. 15 kg / 33 lb.

I also removed the lymph tape because it was no longer sticking to most parts of the skin. It was interesting to see how the blood has been transferred below those stripes because there was nothing to see of the bruise.

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The artwork of the tape on my leg - thx Iris

Many people say that those tapes are just a a mental thing... but have a look at the pic and see that and how it worked!

After a short rest I took the chance to smoke a little cigar, no big one... just a small one because I didn't want to sit too long. The walk of 600 m, the sitting at the doctor etc. was more exhausting than I would've expected (and also caused some pain in the leg), due to this I didn't want to overstretch it. My decision's to smoke an El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse from 1992, a smoke which would maybe last for 20 to 25 minutes. And it was very good choice: the cigar was full of flavor and filled a time frame which was perfect for me.

El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse from 1992

On Wednesday evening I was visited by a friend and I took the chance to see if I can sit for a while after lying around for 2 weeks now. It worked fine, I smoked a Upmann Half Corona and a Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL 2011 and we'd some perfekt skirt steak and veggies for dinner. Tanja does a very good job at the grill... I'm really happy that she's doing all the stuff I'm not able to do right now.

Skirt Steak

Upmann Half Corona

Ramon Allones Allones Extra EL 2011

The physiotherapy started on the Thursday... originally I planned to start earlier but this time of the year is vacation time here in Switzerland and due to this their office was closed.

The first seesion was very positive. First I got a lymphatic drainage which felt absolutely great... the bruine has reduced rapidly before but this'll help now too. The second part of the session was about bending and stretching the ankle and the knee. The ankle works as the one of my right foot, all movings are possible without any pain. The bending of the knee is now about 120°, absolutely great and the biggest success if you take into account that the surgery's just 16 days ago.

Friday morning... day 17 after the surgery... I was sitting outside, enjoying the sun, smoking a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona from 1998 and did some stretching exercises... and something great happened: I was able to bend the knee completely without any pain. It´s so great... I'm really happy...

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona from 1998

I also removed the bandage and it felt good to let the skin of the leg "breathe" some of that fresh air... all the cuts heal very well... it seems that all the healing process is ahead the schedule...

Wounds without strings, 2.5 weeks after the surgery

Wounds without strings, 2.5 weeks after the surgery

Wounds without strings, 2.5 weeks after the surgery

Wounds without strings, 2.5 weeks after the surgery

My doctor is happy how the wounds healed and the leg looks like. My physiotherapist is happy about the progress I make in regards of bending and stretching of the leg. I'm happy that I don't have to lie in bed all day long anymore. But the key to the success will be patience.

I received some good news when I was at my doctor this week: still not more than 15 kg of load on the leg for the next 2 weeks but then the load'll be increased... in 3 weeks from now the situation'll be checked again... that's the x-ray-check 8 weeks after the surgery.