Monday, September 17, 2012

09/15 - 10 years Portmann in Vaduz

10 years of Portmann in Vaduz... 10 years of great work by Marc who runs this shop now for a decade!

Definitely it´s worth to a have a big party to celebrate that and that´s exactly what we did. Marc Portmann invited us to the Quellenhof in the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the perfect location for that event.

After the arrival we´re welcome with drinks like Champagne, Cuba Libre and Caipirinha but also orange juice or water for the people who don´t drink alcohol... delicious fingerfood was available and also fresh rolled cigars which´re made by Eulalio Montero Cairo, a high-class torcedor from the La Corona factory in Havanna. But not only fresh rolled cigars, Marc walked around offering the people some short smokes - Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto and Montecristo Petit Edmundo.

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Mixing some Caipirinha

Eulalio Montero Cairo from La Corona factory

Serving drinks...

Montecristo Petit Edmundo and Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto

Marc offering some cigars

Delicious fingerfood served be very friendly staff

A want a cigar... this size...

I´ve been at the Quellenhof for several times and the food was always very good... also for this event it was a real highlight...

Marc - the host - opening the evening officially

Starters and dessert were served as a buffet, an excellent idea so you´d the chance to try a lot of this fantastic things...

The starters buffet:

The main course was simply terrific... the meat was cooked to perfection, absolutely tender and tasty... and presented in a great way...

Veal fillet cooked in tobacco smoke

One highlight followed the next... the exclusive presentation of the new Cohiba Piramide Extra which´ll hit the shelves in Switzerland in a few days followed the main course before the the dessert buffet was opened... The pictures where taking during the introduction movie and the following presentation and will be shown here exclusively by courtesy of Marc Portmann. I really liked the movie... great way to present a new cigar...

If you want further information about the new Cohiba Piramide Extra or the presentation that was shown, please feel free to get in contact with Marc Portmann (

Tanja presenting the Cohiba Piramide Extra

While the first Piramides Extra - contributed by Intertabak AG and Portmann Vaduz - were fired up the dessert buffet was opened... cheese, fruits and many sweet tempations...

After the dessert most of the guests smoked the Cohiba which´ll be available soon in Switzerland... a good cigar... even though I wasn´t too enthusiastic... maybe it´s due to the fact that I´m still not the biggest Cohiba fan...

Ralf enjoying the Cohiba Piramide Extra

A rare picture...

Silver Gmür (Intertabak) and Marc Portmann

Cuban rhythms by Latino Son

Caipirinha and custom rolled Laguito No. 1

Ahhhh.... gooooood!!

Lady talk

Ralf and Fabio

Urs Portmann

The service and kitchen crew

Smoking Marlene

Be careful, Norbert... don´t hold your breath too long!

Guest present bags

Later at the evening the winners of the raffle were drawn... maybe some more words about it: during the evening you could buy lots for the raffle which was held for the Camaquito organization in Cuba ( This organization does a lot of stuff to help the kids in the country with all kinda projects: helping with water supply, cultural projects, sport projects, healthcare etc.

Many people bought a lot (or even more than one) and so there were CHF 2´000 raised to support the work and projects of Camaquito in Cuba.

The winners received their prices which´ve been sponsored by Portmann Vaduz:
  • a Jar with 25 Cohiba Siglo VI
  • a 15 ct. box with Cohiba VI Tubos
  • a 50 ct. humidor with Montecristo No. 4s
Congrats to the winners, I´m sure they all will enjoy their prices...

The winners of the raffle together with Verena Maier (president of Camaquito) and Marc Portmann

The "Portmann brothers" Thomas (left) and Marc (right) with Verena Maier of Camaquito

In the end I wanna send out a big thank you to
  • Marc, Thomas, Urs and Marlene Portmann, including the staff in their 3 shops
  • Intertabak which also contributed their part to that evening
  • the team of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz who made this event really perfect