Friday, September 07, 2012

Some rare stuff

From time to time I post some pictures about rare cigars... some are just vintage, some are from great brands, some are special releases... here I wanna show you some which are from every of those categories I mentioned before.

The first three cigars are the Millenium releases of Cohiba, Cuaba and Montecristo. They all came to the market in a ceramic jar, sold out very quick and nowadays only available at really high prices.

The Montecristo came out more or less at the same time as the Edicion Limitada of Montecristo, which was a Robusto too. I´d the chance to smoke both of them, both at the same age but storage is different: the EL in a dressbox, the Millenium in the jar... and the difference is significant. The Millenium will need definitely much more time, the reduced oxygen content leads to a slower maturation which is really obvious when smoking both.

Here's the review that I wrote down after smoking those:

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left to right: Cohiba Piramide, Cuaba Distinguidos, Montecristo Robusto

The next picture shows the following cigars:
  • Dunhill Tubo from the 1980s
  • 1994 from - of course - 1994
  • Dunhill Cabinetta from the 1980s
  • Davidoff Dom Perignon from 1987
  • Quintero Churchill from the 1970s
Dunhill - the famous brand which was in production for only 9 years. A short period of time but the cigars from this period are famous and when you have the chance to smoke one of those you'll find out that they're really mindblowing. I'd several Mojitos and Varaderos in the past, so I'm looking forward to try the Cabinetta and the Tubos...

In the year 1994 Habanos released a special humidor named "1994". Awesome cigars... I'd a few and I absolutely love them... they're part of the so called "Holy Trinity", consisting of the 1492, Cubatobacco 25 and 1994. Due to the generosity of my friend Eric (I'll never forget that legendary evening in the "Mahogany on Walnut" in Philly) I'd the chance to smoke all three... an outstanding experience.

The next one... the Davidoff Dom Perignon... a great name... a great cigar. What a pity that Davidoff's no longer making cigars in Cuba... but one day... I really hope they go back and bring back those wonderful cigars.

Last but not least... Quintero Churchill... in yellow cello... today there are only a few machine made cigars left, but this cigar shows what Quintero has been in the past... an absolutely great brand. Unbelievable that there´s nothing left of that... This cigar from the 70s is app. 40 years old... it'll be a big pleasure to smoke it. I smoked two of those within the last two years and both were outstanding good.

left to right: Dunhill Tubo, 1994, Dunhill Cabinetta, Davidoff Dom Perignon, Quintero Churchill

left to right: Dunhill Tubo, 1994, Dunhill Cabinetta, Davidoff Dom Perignon, Quintero Churchill