Friday, October 12, 2012

Pull the anchor

A while back we visited some friends in Germany. Not far away from their place there´s a beer market with a wide range of international beers, so I grabbed some bottles from the States...

Anchor Steam Beer

Pours into the glass with a clear amber, a light, earthy aroma hits the nose. A very good balance of earthy, spicy hops and sweet roasted malts. Really refreshing with an ABV of 4.8 %.

Anchor Liberty Ale

The beer is a bright, slightly hazy, yellow-gold coloring. The smell flowery and citrus sweet, with a subtle hops presence in the background. On the palate grapefruit and blood orange citrus sweet flavors adding some dry hops and decent maltiness. Hops and citrus in the aftertaste... that´s my liking.

Anchor Old Foghorn

Brown color with reddish tint. Nice smell with fruity aroma, maybe prunes. There´s a lot of fruit character in the flavors as well. The alcohol of 8.8 % is embedded well, nice beer.

Anchor Brekle´s Brown

Dark mahogany colored in the glass with sweet smells from the malt and the hops, notes of caramel. A lot of caramel flavors come to the palate with the first sip, some citrus in the finish interacting with some bitterness of the hops... nice and complex. Sweet but not too sweet... another good one... just 6.0 % of alcohol, but it doesn´t lack any body...