Monday, October 29, 2012

10/26 - Springbank Vertical Tasting

It's the 8th tasting event that we held in the Griffins Business Lounge in Kreuzlingen and we'd a record number of participants... 17 people on the whole (after we started 4 years ago just with a handful of guys). In this case people from Germany, Austria, Switzerland (of course) joined us... even my friend Marc from Canada was here... He made his plans to make it possible to have a stop in Kreuzlingen for a few days with the intention to join this tasting!

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Marc from Montreal, Canada

The topic of the evening was "Springbank Vertical Tasting" and the range was from 6.5 yo. up to 28 yo.:
  • 9 yo., 58.0 %, Refill Bourbon, Marsala finish, Distillery bottling
  • 10 yo., 56.5 %, Sherry cask, Private bottling for Dr. Clemens Dillmann
  • 11 yo., 46.0 %, Duncan Taylor
  • 14 yo., 53.7 %, Scotch Single Malt Circle
  • 14 yo., 51.3 % Sherry cask, Private bottling
  • 28 yo., 54.0 %, Dun Bheagan
  • 6.5 yo., 60.0 %, Springbank private bottling, matured in a Lagavulin cask, very last bottle of the cask (unfiltered) --> Springavulin

I pre-tasted the whiskys earlier this year (, due to this I won't talk about the specific details of the whiskys. Just one thing: all 7 whiskys we'd were absolutely great but the match winner for me (and think also for some others) was the 14 yo. from the Scotch Single Malt Circle ( Maggie, thx for that outstanding bottling...

As all the times before Urs was kind enough to supply some cigars for the tasting for free, thanks again for that really generous gesture. We smoked a Trinidad Ingenios, EL 2007 which went very well with those fantastic whiskys.

The whole evening was a great pleasure and felt really good for me that all the people, even those who been at on of my tastings for the first time, enjoyed it...

The cigar seems to have a tight draw

It´s a big group

Trinidad Ingenios and Springavulin

Stefanie and Harald from the Scotch Single Malt Circle




Vegas Robaina Jubes

Enjoying the Springnavulin with some almonds

Happy Urs