Friday, January 11, 2013

Eden - a Clear Havana

Before I start to fire up and take my notes, let me give you some background info from my friend Bill who was my Kris Kringle / Secret Santa on

It was made in a Tampa factory called Calixto Lopez in 1944. Eden cigars were originally a Cuban brand and there was a Calixto Lopez factory built in Havana in 1850. In 1908, Calixto Lopez was located at this time in New York, they moved the factory to West Tampa.

This cigar has a RG of app. 38, a length of app. 125 mm which makes it very close to the size of a Mareva... but it's not really a Parejo shape because the tip is like of a Perfecto. It's in cellophane which's labelled for a company in Wisconsin.

Now let's talk about the pleasure to smoke that nearly 70 years old stick...

The wrapper has a slight shine and a very decent smell of tobacco and fermented green tea... the cellophane is really yellow...

The first puff... oh wow! What an intensive and fat, flavorful smoke... Tobacco, fermented green tea combined with the typical vintage flavor: mushrooms, old paper, wood and leather... What a start! What a flavor mix... and this mix was present over the first third of the cigar... really amazing!

Within the second third the vintage and tobacco flavor stepped a bit in the background and made space for some pronounced woodiness and intensive notes of white pepper. The mouthfeel is great, it feels like you could chew the smoke...

During the last third the tobacco aroma is back... even more intensive than in the beginning, paired with hints of wood and sawdust... the peppery notes are still present and won´t fade away until the very end which was reached after a smoking time of app. 80 minutes.

The draw was perfect all the time, the burn even... nothing to complain about this stick. I was really surprised about the intensity of the flavors which this cigar presented to me... 70 years old and still rocking! Thx again to Bill to give me the chance to try this stick! I highly appreciate it!

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