Monday, March 04, 2013

The blind tasting line-up

It's about time to do the pre-tasting for our 9th whisky tasting that will happen in the Griffins Business Lounge soon... due to the fact that it'll be a blind tasting I won't show the bottles here before... but I'll publish my impressions of the different whiskys that I tried...

Let's start with the first... no information about chill-filtering and coloring.

Nose: Malt and cereals, ripe apples, well balanced

Taste: sweet, malty, some caramell, marshmallows?, hints of liquorice and toast

Aftertaste: Short with some malt and roasted nuts

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No. 2 is as follows.. non-chillfiltered and no coloring.

Nose: Fresh oak, spice

Taste: Citrus fruit, spicy, vanilla, walnut, cinnamon

Aftertaste: Mouthdrying ginger

Candidate No. 3... also non-chillfiltered and no coloring.

Nose: grassy and farmy notes, hints of peat, some bloomy notes, caramel

Taste: caramel, cold tea, malt, cooked apple, hints of citrus

Aftertaste: citrus and caramel

It's halftime... do you have a rough guess what type of casks those whiskys are? Any guess about the distilleries due to my descriptions?

Anyhow... no. 4 is queued up... again: non-chillfiltered and no coloring...

Nose: Notes of roasted coffee, some licorice, dried fruits

Taste: spicy.. wow..... rum raisins, bitter chocolate, sweetness of the Sherry.... you don't feel the high alcohol content, well embedded.... amazing...

Aftertaste: A hint of peat on a sweet base flavor...

No. 5, again non-chillfiltered and no coloring...

Nose: A lot of wood hits the nose.... some white pepper, caramell... hints of orange peel and tobacco.

Taste: Dried fruits, some tar, a lot of herbs... very fat in the mouth, more orange peel, liquorice.

Aftertaste: Very, very long... you think you can chew it... dried fruits and a slight saltiness.

No. 6, the last one... non-chillfiltered and no coloring...

Nose: Wine, some sweetness in the background (marple syrup?), a hint of peat

Taste: Decent bitterness and wood, wine, ashes, burnt rubber

Aftertaste: bitterness and sweetness in a pleasant interaction

It's definitely a nice range of 6 completely different whiskys... I'm curious how the people will like this selection...