Wednesday, April 24, 2013

04/20 - Cuban Night at Castle Brunnegg

Another Portmann event, another great night! After several events in the Drachenburg in Gottlieben this event was held in a very nice location in Kreuzlingen: Castle Brunnegg.

For this occasion a friend of Urs that he knows for a long time will do the cooking, celebrity chef Berthold Siber. A side fact: the two guys who normally run the gourmet restaurant there have been educated by him... so the trainer and his student come together again... and created an outstanding menu which was really suitable for the whole event.

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Castle Brunnegg, Kreuzlingen

After the arrival champagne was served and the first cigar of the evening, a Rafael Gonzelaz Perlas was fired up... I smoked some of those little buggers recently and I really like them... a good cigar for a fair price. A lot of familiar faces around and so a lot of conversation startet before all the people took their places.

The champagne is chilled

Rafael Gonzalez Perlas as a starter

Ana from the Cohiba factory

2 new cigars were presented too... not really new, but the way they're packed is new. It's the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill and the Cohiba Piramde Extra... both in alutubes. Nice presentation, no doubt. The Petit Churchill was a positive surprise... I smoked some of the ones from the plainbox when they came out and I was absolutely underwhelmed by them... a boring smoke, just some hot air! This one was much better, a good smoke with a lot of flavor... but anyhow: it's not my favorite size. The Cohiba... the flagship cigar... my honest opinion? Flat, boring, mild. It was announced as a really strong cigar when the guy from the Intertabak presented it... but it definitely isn't... mild, maybe medium. That's it. Loose draw, no taste. Not worth the buck for me...

Urs Portmann serving the Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchill AT

Urs Portmann serving the Cohiba Piramide Extra AT

Urs Portmann and celebrity chef Berthold Siber

Ana and Urs

As I said before... the food was excellent. I don't remember the exact description of each course but here you see some pix... enjoy it!

Amuse Bouche

Salmon, bear's garlic from and Wasabi sorbet


Veal steak

Portmann No. 1 for dessert