Thursday, April 18, 2013

Upmann Butifarras

A few months ago I won this cigar in a little contest that Ajay from LCdH London made on Twitter... one week later I'd this cigar in my hands... something really rare and special. Some of you may know that it's one of the cigars that was in the Upmann humidor which's been auctioned at the Festival in 2011... they always roll some more cigars, this was one outta that lot.

Upmann Butifarras from LCdH London, Ajay Patel

At this time a big thank you to Ajay ( for that really great cigar... a very strong cigar which needs a good meal before.

Maybe some words about the Butifarras itself: it's an old, ultra-fat perfecto shape from the pre-Revolution days better known as a Flying Pig. 50 of those cigars were included in the filling of the auctioned humidor.

Now it's smoking time... let's first get a smell of it... intensive aromas of wood, tobacco and leather. Colorado colored with a slight oily shine... looks pretty good...

One match is sufficient to set this stick on fire.... clipping the head and taking the first puffs... oh wow!! This cigar is full of strength: earth and leather. That are the first things coming to the palate, it's a really overwhelming intensity.

After the first kick it drops down a little bit but there are still earthy and leathery flavors... this is definitely a strong smoke...

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During the second third some tary notes are coming up, combined with aromas of dark roasted espresso and dark chocolate... the really dark one... After a while it turns into a creamy and smooth taste with a lot of strength in the background, earth and leather faded away. Even if I repeat me but I have to say that I'm lucky that I had a good meal before smoking that stick... and as you maybe know: I like strong cigars...

Firm ash

In the last third the earthy aromas re-appear, even more intensive than in the beginning... it's mixed with rich flavors of wood and a lot of tobacco... this small cigars is packed with tons of flavors... I like that blend, there should be more Upmanns on the market like this. I'd the chance to smoke some really nice Upmanns in the past, one of those was a Sir Winston from the 70s which was amazing... and this Butifarras in the same league... much younger, of course, but it's one of the best Upmanns I ever smoked.

This cigar's a real fingerburner... hard to put it away... but I've a nice nubbing tool that I got from my friend Mel during my stay in Florida last year. The holder is made of deer antlers, a nice piece of handicraft he did... and it helped me to nub this cigar down to a minimum... I ended up with a smoking time of two hours... and even then it was really hard to put this tasty stick away...

Nubbed it down with Mel's nubbing tool

I took some extra pix of this cigar while smoking it, but nevertheless here's the pic of the smoking progress that I normally add to any tasting report...

Smoking progress