Thursday, May 30, 2013

05/18 - 05/19 - Tony Stone Low & Slow Contest, NL

It took my a while to publish this report due to several business trips which followed after the BBQ competition called 'Tony Stone Low'n'Slow competition' ( Thx to the team  'Don Marco's BBQ' ( to give me the chance to take part at this event... also thx to my friend Camillo ( who suggested me as a member for this event...

It was a honor for me to go to an event like this with those two experienced grillers and a perfect working crew in the background... don't hesitate to visit their homepage to check out their awesome BBQ rubs... and I didn't regret it because we'd a fantastic weekend.

On may way to Hoofddorp I took the chance for two stops. First at the abbey of Achelse Kluis in Achel to buy some of their excellent Trappist beer and secondly for a cigar and lunch with Frank at the Tuincafe in Lommel.

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Abbey Achelse Kluis

Abbey Achelse Kluis

In the late afternoon I arrived at the final destination where the others were already waiting... It's raining cats and dogs and we thought that this event wil end up in a big mess with a lot of mud. Luckily we're wrong because over night the rain stopped.

Achel Blond

Achel Bruin

The evening was really funny with some beer and grilled stuff and we went to bed later than planned. Anyhow: we stood up early because we'd to put up the tents, arrange the grills and prepare all the stuff for the big event on Sunday, the KCBS sanctioned BBQ contest!

It's dinner time

Some Chorizos


There were also some "freestyle" categories on Saturday like "Burger & Steak" and "Baked Beans & Potato Salad" but due to the fact that the details just came in last minute, we decided to pass on them... instead of that we grilled some chicken drumsticks, chorizos, picanha, entrecote... also some Bratwurst Burgers... all in all we'd a lot of fun and were well prepared for Sunday. The longtime runners like the brisket and pork shoulder were put into the smoke around 11 pm and Marco volunteered to take care of the fires over night... We'd the chance to get some hours of sleep... Camillo had to go to work on Monday morning, I'd a long ride ahead of me and a business trip to South Africa starting on Monday evening was on the schedule too...

Cutting some onions for the burgers

Looking good

Not only the grills were smoking

Preparing the chicken

The Mad Injector




Chicken drumsticks

Beer Bratwurst Burger

Beer Bratwurst Burger

Making bacon

Entrecote in flames...

Sunday... the day of the big event... we arrived around 7 am at the competition place, welcomed by a fantastic smell of smoke and meat... Marco just cut off a piece of the brisket to prepare the burnt ends and we tried some of the stuff... delicious... tasted like a winning brisket...

The ribs went in the smoke around that time too and Camillo and I started to prepare the boxes with the parsley... unfortunately we'd to dispose two boxes Marco had already done because the was some sand in it... everybody who has done those boxes before knows how much work it is...

Sunday morning

Preparing the boxes

Well done

The pork 

Blues Brothers Part 1

Blues Brothers Part 2

Time was moving quickly and so it was coming close to 12 pm, the time where we'd to turn in the first course: chicken. Camillo did a lot of preparations on the day before on the thighs and additionally we also prepared some breast to have the chance for dark and white meat in the box. The result looked great...

Some glaze

More glaze

First course: chicken

The second course... some Cherry Bomb Ribs... with a nice cherry glazing too... a little bit over the edge but still with enough bite to achieve a good result... to be brought to the judges 30 minutes later...

Cherry sauce

Glazing the ribs

Cutting out the best pieces

Which to take?

The second course: pork ribs

Eat it!

Another 30 minutes of time to prepare the pork... of course we put some pulled pork into the box added with some crusty chunks... unfortunately there was a lot of fat in the meat, especially when getting cold this won't be so good for the taste...

Pulling the pork

Third course: Pulled Pork

The last course... the brisket. It looked and smelled fantastic... my first time I tried some Wagyu beef... wow! What a great taste! The burnt ends tasted like beef candy... Doesn't this box look great?

Wagyu beef brisket... so juicy and tasty

Looking great

Fourth course: beef brisket

After the last course the waiting started but luckily the made the announcement of the winners 1 hour earlier than originally planned... I still had in mind that I've to leave soon due to the long way home...

In end we got a 5th place for the ribs, a 3rd place for the brisket... and 4th place in the overall ranking! Awesome... thx to all of the team and especially to Camillo and Marco who gave me the chance to be part of the game... I'm sure that we'll be back next year.

The plates for the winners

Harry making his announcements

Yes! Third place!!

The team of Don Marco's BBQ

Our trophys

Also thx to dan who just lives around the corner and who came on Saturday and Sunday... it was nice to meet you again and to share some good cigars with you!

Thx to Jord for the tast midnight snack which was a whole hof that he prepared in his trailer... and congrats for winning the brisket category (Marco helped him to calm down during the night)... BTW: Camillo helped him with the chicken and Jord got a fantastic 3rd place for that! Well done!

An event like this was a totally new experience for me... but a very positive one and I'm sure that wasn't the last BBQ competition where I've been...

See you again at Tony Stone 2014, guys...